Something Very Strange Is Going On – Public Caning In Malaysia

On 13th July 2017, the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly unanimously passed an amendment to the Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment 2002. However, this revised enactment has yet to receive royal assent.

This was to allow caning in full public view for Syariah offences which were previously witnessed only by prison officials. Four types of offences include sodomy, illicit sex (zina), alcohol consumption and false accusation of zina. Law applicable for Muslims only.

As a non-Muslim and a concerned Malaysian, these are my observations.

1 Aceh Public-Caning - Cameras

1. Caning In Aceh – Reverting From ‘Public’ To Private

Two months ago, Aceh (Indonesia) implemented ‘public’ canings in response to demands by its Islamic hardliners. Since then, canings were carried out in full public view in front of the mosque after prayers for Syariah offenders.

2 20170716 Nst - Aceh may make canings private

Why is Aceh now reverting the ‘public’ canings back to the privacy of prison walls? Has our Muslim scholars, politicians and assemblymen consulted the Muftis in Aceh as to enquire what went wrong?

3 Surah 24.2

2. What Does The Holy Qu’ran Say?

“The (unmarried) woman or (unmarried) man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of ALLAH, if you believe in ALLAH and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.” Surah 24:2

FYI, the videos and images of the ‘public’ canings in my blog are sourced from Google, Facebook and Youtube. What does the “group of believers” mean? Does it include ALL the 7 billion people in the world today?

I note that the punishment of caning is stipulated (only for zina) and necessary for moral education. But what about caning in full public view in the Internet era? Is that why Aceh is retreating so fast?

Then why are PAS and UMNO politicians pushing ahead and blatantly ignoring the facts? What are their real motives?

3. The Internet Is Forever

If the new enactments receive royal assent, Kelantan will be the only state in Malaysia and in the world which mandate canings implemented ‘publicly’. I have omitted the ISIS in Iraq and Raqqa Syria because many Muslims don’t even consider them Islamic.

While Syariah offenders in other Malaysian states will undergo ‘private’ canings thus sparing them the public humiliation from the unbelievers.

4 caning

Imagine the shame, opprobrium, disgrace and dishonour borne by the Muslimin and Muslimat. To be a hot topic of discussion amongst the non-believers. In the neighbourhood, in the marketplace and in the office. Is this what the Holy Qu’ran commanded?

The lashings are video-recorded on Facebook and Youtube; to be viewed by millions. “Selama-lamanya”, forever is a very long time. Try Google image searching with the keywords “Aceh” or “Islamic State” and “caning”.

4. Malaysia’s Supreme King

As The Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V is the Head of ISLAM for Kelantan, Federal Territories, Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak.

5a sultan kelantan

Sultan Muhammad V is deeply loved by the people of Malaysia. It is true that His Majesty has a very special place in the hearts of the Kelantanese.

5b sultan kelantan

Is it because the Kelantanese are so loved that they are given far exceeding than the doctor’s prescribed dosage?

Is caning done publicly for full viewing for the unbelievers (ready with their mobiles and camcorders), only for Kelantan’s ummah’s own good?

How will His Majesty explain to his subjects….. that Muslims in Kelantan are different from the Muslims in FT, Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak….. hence they deserve different treatments.

5. Time To Expose Secret Agendas

What are the PAS and UMNO politicians secretly thinking? Something very strange is going on. Indeed!!!

Don’t they know that this amendment will disconnect the Kelantanese grassroots from their Malay Ruler?

Don’t they know that enactment (if passed into law) will discolour the international image of our beloved King, the YDP AGONG who is the Head of ISLAM in the Nation-State of Malaysia?

PAS & UMNO politicians claims to champion the royal institution and uphold the dignity of ISLAM. But their political posturing have a hidden agenda.

6. Judicial Discretion For Whom?

Kelantan’s Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah says, “Caning can now be carried out inside prison or outside prison, depending on court decision.”

6 20170713 Star - Kelantan whips up a storm

This means that the Syariah Court Magistrate or Judge has the discretionary power, to vary, to be selective – as to who receives publicity.

This leads to the unhealthy inference and (mis)perception; rightly or wrongly; that the rich and powerful (offenders) could receive favourable treatment.

Neither PAS or UMNO politicians have explained why the Judicial exception (or escape clause) is present if ‘public’ caning is a divine command as they so claimed. Where is the perception of fairness; that all Muslims are equal before the Islamic law?

7 20170714 Star - Zahid_Keep it in perspective

Deputy PM Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is not addressing the real issues. Obviously this new law does not apply to non-Muslims.

7. Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) have failed to exercise thought leadership on behalf of His Majesty, our beloved AGONG.

Perhaps it is now time to establish His Majesty’s royal think-tank which is independent of the PMO or politicians.

Patriotic thought leaders who are loyal to His Majesty’s cause will answer the call to chart the future of Malaysia.

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Kings Are Disappearing From The Earth

Many countries in the world once had monarchs. But alas, they are no more.

China’s last emperor abdicated on 12 Feb 1912, following Sun Yat-sen’s republican revolution.

After World War 1, Russia forced its last Tsar Nicholas II to abdicate in 15 March 1917.

To the casual observer, China and Russia had become godless regimes by turning into communist governments.

The India And Pakistan Experience

Just recently, I blogged of the disengagement of Colonial British from India in 1947. This led to the newly-created independent nation-states of both India and Pakistan.

We saw how India consolidated about 565 princely states into one nation state. The Hindu Maharajahs had to sign Instruments of Accession to join India.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Rulers known as Nawabs who were kings of Muslim princely states; they also signed Instruments of Accession to join Pakistan.

Thus, we see an unmistakable manifestation of human psychology.

The Hindu-majority states preferred to join India. India prides itself as secular but it is strongly Hindu in many aspects.

[ The Hindu Maharajahs of Hyderabad and Kalat opted for self-independence in 1947 but their states were annexed by the Indian military in 1948. ]

On the other hand, the Muslim-majority states preferred to join Muslim Pakistan.

What does this really say?

Firstly, religion will rule human hearts and become a strong factor in politics.

Secondly, the independence of India and Pakistan saw the dissolution of nearly 600 monarchies.


Case Study – Junagadh

Junagadh is a Hindu-majority populace with a Muslim Ruler. Its Nawab decided to merge Junagadh into Pakistan but was fiercely resisted by the Hindu majority. This led to a referendum and eventual integration of Junagadh into India.


Case Study – Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim-majority populace with a Hindu Maharajah named Hari Singh. He signed the Instrument of Accession to join India in 1947. This led to war between India and Pakistan, resulting in a split state of Kashmir. Here, we see Muslim citizens’ expectations to be ruled by Islamic law in a Muslim government.

History Lessons

In 1971, Indian PM Indira Gandhi derecognized the Maharajahs by revising the Constitution. The Government of Pakistan also derecognized the Nawabs in 1972.

So the Muslim Nawabs did not fare any better than the Hindu Maharajahs.


Politicians no matter the colour of their skin – are capricious creatures of self-interests.

“To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

The Malaysia Experience

Malaysia is blessed to have a monarchy who is God-fearing  and righteous.

We must guard against our politicians who will try to usurp the role of our King.

I say this again. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

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Democracy And Republic ~ Part 4 of 7

4 - Democracy 1

I have chosen these topics because many of our peers in this generation are born after World War II. Many issues need to be considered in perspective and context.

In the written history of mankind, most of the countries in the world have always been ruled by monarchs or kings.

After World War 2 ended in 1945, many nations started transitioning to new forms of government – being democracies and republics.

In these new forms of government; the majority vote of the nation’s citizens in General Elections determine:-

* the kind of State laws that they want to govern themselves;

* the leaders that they want to lead the State.

4 - Federal Constitution

Constitutional Monarchy

In a democracy, the king is retained as the Head of State.

The extend of powers of the king is as defined in the State Constitution.

In a republic, the President is elected to function as the Head of State.

Singapore’s President has strong veto powers to block the abuse of the nations’ strategic financial reserves.

Both the #Democracy and #Republic State Constitution define that the three branches of government serve under the #Monarch or the #President respectively.


The Three Branches Of Government.

The doctrine of the separation of powers is to provide the constitutional checks and balances. This is for the proper functioning of the State.

It ensures that each branch of government acts with integrity; and effectively; and without the abuse of its defined powers.

4 - Najib

(I) The Executive. The Prime Minister is usually the head of the coalition of political parties. He appoints his cabinet of ministers, usually from his allies who are legislators in the Parliament.

4 - Parliament

(II) The Parliament. Members of Parliament are voted in by the people during General Elections. MPs legislate new laws or amend current laws to be enacted into the Acts of Parliament.

4 Judiciary laws 2

(III) The Courts. Judges are appointed by the Head of State/ The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. The Judiciary interpret the laws of Parliament and makes judicial judgments to be enforced. The Courts can also rule against the Executive or the Legislative Assembly.

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Is Religion To Be Blamed For Terrorism?

Manchester bombing, London Bridge knife attacks, Marawi takeover by gunmen, Baghdad suicide bombings, Afghanistan suicide vehicle, Egypt bombing.

These are lawless acts committed by criminals who murdered more than 100 innocent lives. All done in the holy month of RAMADHAN.

These dramatic acts seized the world news headlines in part because the violent perpetrators so happened to be Muslims.


Let’s turn the clock back to year 1994, starting April 6th, for 100 days.

1 rwanda-war


RWANDA is an east-central African state surrounded by Zaire, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

RWANDA’s population was at 7.3 million people as at April 1994. Racially comprising of Hutu 85 %, Tutsi 14 % and Twa 1%.

2 Hutu, Tutsi

In 1994, RWANDA’s official religion of the populace was Roman Catholic 57 %, Protestant 26 %, Seventh-day Adventist 11 % and Muslim 4.6 %.


3 Hutus 1

The RWANDAN bloodbath claimed as many as 800,000 lives. Some say it was instigated by racist and extreme elements within their own RWANDAN government and military.

3 Hutus 2

Innocent victims were murdered in the 100 days of orchestrated violence. Rape survivors were infected with AIDS.

3 Hutus 3

300,000 more became refugees.

7 Rape 2

Their perpetrators’ weapons of choice – clubs, knives and machetes. You don’t really need guns to kill.

Almost two thirds of the Tutsis population were decimated and ethnically cleansed.

5 child

If Moderate Hutus spoke against the genocide, they were similarly eliminated.

If Moderate Hutus were discovered hiding or helping Tutsis, they too were not spared.

If Moderate Hutus refused to participate in the violence and gang rapes, they were also killed by the para-military force of Hutu extremists.

Frightening!!! It was the Moderate Hutus (the ordinary people) who were stirred up – or instigated – or forced – to be part of the gigantic killing-machine and rape-machine.

5 child 2

5 child 3

The United Nations Security Council established the International Criminal Tribunal for RWANDA (ICTR) to prosecute persons responsible for the genocide committed in RWANDA.

The ICTR opened in 1995 and had indicted 93 individuals responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in RWANDA in 1994.

The offenders included high-ranking RWANDAN government and military officials, politicians and businessmen.

Also indicted were religious leaders, militia leaders, radio station operators and media owners.

But the horrors and the dread of darkness that descended on RWANDA will never be forgotten or never ever to be erased.

6 Catholic 2


At the ICTR, witnesses say there were church leaders who resisted the killings at the risk of their own lives.

At the same time, there were also some church leaders who participated or supported the killings of the Tutsis.


4 Wenceslas-Munyeshyaka

Father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka (born 1958) was found guilty of rape and genocide. A military tribunal in RWANDA sentenced him in absentia to life in prison.

At the Holy Family Cathedral where he was the head priest, he herded his own congregation of adult Tutsis and children to the death squads, which brutally slaughtered them.

4 Seromba

Father Athanase Seromba (born 1963) was charged with the deaths of around 2,000 Tutsis who took refuge in his parish church.

He ordered his church to be bulldozed (with the refugees inside) on April 6 1994, and then shot some survivors.


The Vatican maintained that the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH bore no institutional responsibility – although her priests had committed terrible crimes.

6 Catholic

Only recently in March 2017, Pope Francis asked forgiveness from RWANDAN President Paul Kagame – for the surreptitious role played by CATHOLIC priests during the RWANDAN genocide.

The Pope’s ‘apology’ took almost 23 years since 1994. However, the RWANDAN government felt that it didn’t go far enough.

A considerable number of the faithful had already left the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in RWANDA.

It was an open secret that a CATHOLIC network helped implicated priests and nuns to escape to Europe and evade justice.

Father Munyeshyaka took charge of a CATHOLIC church in Gisors, France. While Father Seromba changed his name and became a parish priest in Florence, Italy.



The violence, murders, rapes and plunder by lawless groups do not represent any religion.

These are common criminals who have succumbed to hatred and evil degeneration in their hearts.

Today, the world is experiencing waves of violence and terror attacks against innocent civilians.

But we can win this ideological war against the terrorists who at times hide behind a religious facade.

The war against terror is definitely not a war against any religion especially ISLAM.

6 Catholic 3


The RWANDAN massacre averaged 8,000 deaths every day for 100 days. Totaling an estimated 800,000 murdered souls.

In comparison, the September 11 terrorist attacks had a death toll of almost 2,996 human lives and injured 6,000 others.

Let’s stop identifying terrorism by the religion of its terrorists. Though they may be Muslims or of any other religion.

But this doesn’t mean that the world will compromise its commitment to bring the violent terrorists to justice.

Let us join our hands – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – to uproot this ideology of hatred.




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Just how old are you, Umno Baru?


Pic credit The Malay Mail Online.
JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU, UMNO? 2017-05-11 09:28

By Mohsin Abdullah

Usually people tend to claim to be younger than their actual age. But not the people in Umno. No not individually but as a group.

They have been at it for years. This year, they are saying their party is 71 years old. Hence, today being Umno Day, the party is celebrating its 71st birthday.

Going by history that Umno was formed on 11 May 1946 by the late Datuk Onn Jaafar, the Umno folks are right.

But wait, wasn’t that Umno of ’46, pardon the expression, “dead and buried ” back in 1988?

A quick throwback.

Older readers would surely remember. But I’ll write it anyway, for the younger readers who might not be familiar with the story. And even for those who knew, well, take a trip down memory lane all the same.

On 24 April 1987, Umno held its annual general assembly and triennial party election after a vicious and bitter campaign.

Fighting for power was Team A led by then president Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy Ghafar Baba, against Team B headed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aided by Musa Hitam as number two.

Mahathir and Ghafar won.Two of the three vice presidents elected were from Team A, and the supreme council made up of 16 Team A members compared to nine from Team B.

Then allegations of irregularities, said to be hurled by Team B supporters, surfaced.

On 25 June 1987, an appeal was made by 12 Umno delegates (one pulled out subsequently) to have the Umno assembly and the 24 April election declared null.

In short, the issue was brought to the court. After a series of interlocutory hearings over the discovery of documents that took more than seven months, the matter finally came before Justice Harun Hashim in the Kuala Lumpur High Court on 4 February 1988.

The judge ruled that under existing law he had no option but to find the party, Umno, to be an unlawful society due to the existence of several unregistered branches which contravened the Societies Act of 1966.

Hence, the question of the assembly itself being illegal (sought by the 11 Umno delegates) became academic.

So, based on the High Court decision, Umno the party “died”, again pardon the expression, on 4 February 1988. And it was not revived. Never resurrected.

Instead, Dr Mahathir put into motion the machinery to form a new party, a surrogate party, so to speak, and in due course registered it formally calling it Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Baru) or United Malays National Organisation (New), meaning the new Umno registered by Mahathir back then, which is the current Umno led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was born in 1988.

Which makes the party a youngish 29 years old instead of the 71 years presently trumpeted all over the country.

Umno must have its own reasons for wanting to be known older than its present age, perhaps to show credibility, longevity and sustainability?

Or perhaps because of this — the suffix “Baru” was eventually dropped and Umno (Baru) became both the de facto and de jure successor of Umno (with the old Umno’s assets handed to them).

Maybe that’s why Umno now calls itself simply Umno and not Umno Baru anymore.

The fact remains although the Umno of Datuk Onn is long gone. What we now have is a replacement. Not a or a resurrected version nor a reincarnation of the Umno formed in 1946.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun Umno!

(Mohsin Abdullah is a freelancer who writes about this, that and everything else.)

The Crooked Politician

Welcome to the dark side of the politician who holds the rein of power.

When new politicians are voted into power, voters tend to be mesmerized by their honest-to-goodness public image.

But there is a saying that says “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


So there is a real possibility that, at some point of time, this saying can become true.

Our politicians can become crooked if the ‘governmental powers’ that they wield is left unchecked.

Without accountability, without checks and balances, our honest politicians can mutate into rascals and rogues.


The lure of temptation is just too great. The ego of being a multi-billionaire. The trappings of power and wealth.

Like our famous politician who once said, “Just close one eye”.

But we are answerable to our conscience and our children – when our country’s resources are plundered and raped.


To the non-atheist who believe in the Judgment Day, in the Last Day, how will you answer to your God?

Will you say – “I had to protect my rice-bowl.” “I couldn’t jeopardize my job promotion.” “They could unfriend me on Facebook.”

I do hope that God has a sense of humour, to laugh off our human weaknesses.


The 14th General Elections in Malaysia is just around the corner.

If you suspect that your politician had turned crooked, it’s time to vote wisely. The Member of Parliament whom you call “Yang Berhormat”.

Just send the crooks into the wilderness. It’s the best favour that we can do for our children.

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