I Am Captured By Your Love

5. I Am Captured By Your Love

I am captured by your love.

I am enraptured by these feelings.

How could I escape your tender touch?

When I am already your willing prisoner.


May I relish every precious moment with you.

It is like the orchestra in crescendo.

Hear the sound of the wind, rain and pain.

Like the tempest of my emotions unchained.


Come and walk with me in the rain storm.

Let us hear the symphony of the rain drops.

My heart is beating, singing and dreaming.

May our melody of love continue its ringing.


Like sweet drops of honey dripping.

Let me catch them all from your lips so tempting.

I will take a deep breath … and another ….

Never to forget your love so tender.


~ Awakening Moses Wong

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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Stoney Pass Wildflowers 1


How precious are the flowers that colour our sights.

As the winds blows, the petals dance with delight.

What is the meaning of life the flowers would ask?

Bud, bloom and blossom and afterwards we will die.


What is the meaning of life, you and I would ask?

A journey of life, we were born to shine then to die.

Through the tunnel of time we were so deep in thought.

Leaving some seeds to unravel the questions we thought.


~ Awakening Moses Wong

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