Is Malaysia An Islamic Nation? Part 7 of 7

I admit that this topic has been the subject of intense debate in the social media. Let’s examine the clues to the perplexing question.

(I) The Head of the nine Malay States are Muslim Rulers.

(II) The majority of the citizens of Malaysia are Muslims.

(III) The official religion of Malaysia’s Constitution is ISLAM.

(IV) The Supreme King, The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) is Muslim.

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My Humble Opinion

This is my personal opinion that as at 31st August 1957, our Independence Day.

* The Malay Rulers had ceded only the civil administration of the Government;

* The Malay Rulers have fully retained their responsibilities as the Head of ISLAM, which is the official religion of Malaysia.

* Based on the above (I), (II), (III) and (IV), I am fully convinced that Malaysia is an Islamic nation.

* Muslims have the inalienable right to be governed by Islamic laws and such laws like RUU355 does not apply to non-Muslims.

Islam in Malaysia is represented by the Shafi’i version of SUNNI theology and jurispudence. In layman’s term, this is a moderate and progressive form of ISLAM endorsed by the Malay Rulers.

I am also grateful that non-Muslims in Malaysia are accorded the freedom of faith and worship. Hence, all other religions and its adherents must grant Islam the rightful place of esteem and respect.

7 Islam in Msia

Final Message

We are well aware that politicians in Malaysia face a huge perception of mega corruption. There has been social talk that if the current civil government falls in GE14, hence ISLAM will also fall. This is absolutely nonsense.

Our Malay Sultans and The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong is the strong bastion and defender of ISLAM. The position of the Malay Rulers and the preeminence of ISLAM is enshrined immutable in our Constitution.

Malaysia must not sink in the sea of corruption. We must break away from the past. Without our corrupt politicians.

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