Is There Anything Wrong With This Picture?


Last Saturday, I was on my way to renew my road-tax at the Post Office at the Giant Mall in Kinrara BK5.

As I stepped out of the LRT Train, this banner greeted me warmly “Selamat Berbuka Puasa”.

The management of RapidKL was inviting its Muslim patrons to a breaking-fast treat.

Suddenly I spotted an emblem of a Christian “cross” right on top of the banner.

Of course it’s a coincidence… but it’s rather unusual and it made me think!

Muslims and Christians share the Abrahamic faith (roots) with the Jews.

While sharing many common beliefs and values, there are also areas of different interpretations.

Take the “cross” for example. Let’s examine this for mutual understanding of our religions.



Some people wear the “cross” as an ornament around their necks.

This is to stand out, to be different, or to make a fashion statement.

But to some Christian denominations (*not all), the “cross” is more than just a symbol.

It is an object of devotion, an article of adoration, being an expression of worship.

To wear the “cross” is to identify one-self as a Christian, as belonging to Christ.



Do you still remember your history on ROME? The ROMAN EMPIRE lasted from 753 BC to 1453 AD.

Some conspiracy theorists say that the ROMAN EMPIRE had been revived, resurrected and kicking today.

But this “coming-back-to-life” story will be for another article for another day. Soon, I promise.

Coming back to the main point, the “cross” is the ROMAN EMPIRE’s most painful method of execution.

Those who dared defy the ROMANS, such rebels were to be nailed on the “cross”. It’s a gruesome death machine.



The Jews have an overwhelming aversion and antagonism to the “cross”. It is somewhat an anathema to them.

This is based on the Torah, which Deuteronomy 21:22-23 says,

“If a man have committed a capital offense, he is to be put to death. If you are to hang him on a tree (cross), do not leave his body hanging overnight. Bury his body on the same day, for he who is left hanging (overnight) is cursed of God and thus defiles your land.”



As some Christians (*not all) worship the “cross”, this may be perceived as idolatry to the Muslims.

The Bible also gives an account of the ROMAN crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST on the “cross”.

However this is described differently in the HOLY QU’RAN which Muslims believe in.

Hence Muslims will usually avoid any association with the “cross”.



Multi-religious harmony is a very precious commodity in our community.

Once the goodwill is lost, it may never be recovered again.

Having some basic knowledge in each other’s religion (and sensitivity areas) is one way of fostering our mutual respect and building bridges.

Our young people do not have to speak provocative words or react in fear.

Problems may occur – but an amicable solution can always be found – when goodwill exists.


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“Daulat Tuanku.” “Long Live The King.”

Monday, 24th April 2017

27 Rejab 1438

This blessed day marks the royal coronation of His Royal Majesty The King Of Malaysia.



His Royal Majesty Sultan Muhammad V, The Supreme Ruler Of Malaysia, DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG.

This auspicious date was also chosen to coincide with the Islamic calendar of Israq and Mikraj which is a physical and spiritual journey.

It speaks of the journey and ascension of PROPHET MUHAMMAD through the seven levels of heaven to meet with ALLAH his Creator.

This reflects on His Royal Majesty’s deep devotion to ISLAM and his desire to rule the nation of Malaysia with righteousness and justice.

Malaysia is richly blessed with the righteous rule of the 15th AGONG since the founding of the Federation of the Malay states in 1957.

The coronation ceremony was an awesome sight to behold, a breath-taking and majestic moment of history in-the-making.

The illuminating presence of the seven Sultans and two crown princes of the nine Malay states in Malaysia.

Their Royal Majesties resplendent in royal regalia with embroidery of gold threads. Befitting to the much loved Malay Sultanage.


Most of all, the splendour of the new King, the countenance of His Royal Majesty filled the palace courts with a golden glow.


The Grand Chamberlain of The Royal Palace presented a golden copy of the AL-QU’RAN to His Royal Majesty at the beginning of the ceremony.

His Royal Majesty kissed the AL-QU’RAN with devotion – this was a meaningful and symbolic gesture.

It depicts the role of the King as HEAD of the Islamic religion of the Federal Territories and four states that do not have a Malay Sultan.

The royal emblems, the ceremonial mace and sceptres of authority of the Malay civilization made its rare appearance on this special day.

Signifying the royal nobility and glorious splendour of His Royal Majesty as chosen by ALLAH to rule over the nation of Malaysia.

* COGAN ALAM, the sceptre of the universe.

* COGAN AGAMA, the sceptre of the religion of ISLAM.

* KERIS PENDEK DIRAJA, the King’s Royal Dagger.

* KERIS PANJANG DIRAJA, the Govermental Royal Dagger.

* GOLDEN AL-QU’RAN, the glorious revelation of ISLAM.



The divine moment arrived when His Royal Majesty took his oath of office effective for the next five years.


Simultaneously, the throne room was resounding with shouts of joy and pride “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”.

Then the melodious music of “NEGARAKU” the national anthem was played with the finest 21-gun salute of the First Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment in accompaniment.

This was followed by the long-awaited proclaimation of the royal coronation of Malaysia’s DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG, SULTAN MUHAMMAD V.


Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak extended his congratulations speech to the newly coronated YANG DI-PERTUAN AGONG.

The Prime Minister as representing the government, security forces, civil servants and the people of Malaysia – solemnly pledged his oath of allegiance to His Royal Majesty.

His Royal Majesty then delivered his Royal Address before the recital of prayers which concluded the coronation ceremony.



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~ As seen through the eyes of Moses Wong. A blessed citizen of Malaysia.

My sincere appreciation to Bernama & The Star for photos of the historical moments.