How Did Halloween Become Christian?

1 Halloween Title

Seriously. I would have been deeply offended if anyone told me so.

That was until I gathered and verified the evidence myself. Now, I really need you to correct me if I am wrong on my facts.

Historical Background *

Halloween was a ‘holy’ day to worship Samhain, the Lord of the dead.

He was the God of the ancient Celts in medieval Britain, Ireland and northern France. Their priests were called Druids, linked to Stonehenge.

2 Stonehenge

Druids dabble with the pentagram and practice child sacrifice by fire. It was to summon their gods from the underworld to gain occult powers.

Celts believe that the dead and deceased will return to the earth as ghosts and ghouls on the night of #Halloween.

Today, this dreadful night of horror is also celebrated by Wicca, witches and Satan-worshipers. After all, it is their most important ‘holy’ day.

Religious Background *

By 43 AD, the Roman Empire had conquered most of the Celtic territory. Over the years, the Romans had combined their religious festivals with the Celts.

On 13 May, 609 A.D. Pope Boniface IV converted the Pantheon into a Roman Catholic church. Before that, it was a Roman temple to worship every god in the world.

Hence, the Pantheon was renamed the Basilica of Virgin Mary. It was dedicated in the honour of St. Mary and all Catholic martyrs.

Pope Gregory III (731-741) dedicated a prayer chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all martyrs and saints. He changed the celebration date to 1st November.

Revering St. Mary + martyrs + saints = All Saints Day/ All Hallows Day.

Pope Gregory IV (827-844) then commanded that the celebrations must be observed and practiced by ALL the Roman Catholic churches worldwide.

Name & Date Coincidence *

31st October 2017 is Halloween Night (Hallow’s Eve).

1st November 2017 is Hallow’s Day or All Saints Day.

2nd November 2017 is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead.

5c_Catholics pray at graves

Catholics pray with candles at the graves.

According to Jewish tradition and Islamic practice, the evening is the beginning of a new day which lasts until the next evening.

Refer to Genesis Chapter 1 verse 5 ~ And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the ‘EVENING’ and the morning were the first day. (KJV)

Hence Halloween which was dedicated to the underworld gods had somehow connected to the Catholic ‘holy’ day – in both name and date coincidence.

Halloween Commercialized *

On the night of Halloween, children and adults alike would disguise themselves as goblins, ghouls and ghastly zombies.

They were hoping that the roaming demons and devils would mistaken them as one of their own. Hence they would not be disturbed.

A typical Halloween would be spent visiting horror house attractions, watch horror movies or attend costume parties.

Carving Jack’o’lanterns, set alight bonfires and telling scary stories. Provoking fear is the common element in these Celtic traditions.

Some local restaurants may even serve up secret ingredients and devilish courses for spirit cooking.

In the name of entertainment and ‘innocent fun’, this horrifying practice had spread to many countries in the world.

What Are The Issues? 

Well you may ask – What’s wrong with dressing up as demons and devils?

Obviously your child (with his mask) just had a change of identity and did an impersonation of evil.

How do you know whether those same evil spirits had drifted (or not) into the soul of your children?

Satan’s rebellion against God = Children’s rebellion against their parents = ???


Trick Or Treat?

On Halloween, children in America would hope to collect candies and chocolates as they knock on their neighbourhood house doors.

‘Trick-or-treat’ meaning if you don’t treat us with candies, we will play evil tricks and pranks on your household.

TRANSLATED — If you don’t submit to us and do our bidding, we will curse you, haunt you and cast spells on you. Terrifying, isn’t it?


The world has gone mad. There were reports of candies being laced with drugs or having razor blades embedded in them. Collected by the children on Halloween.

In the first place, why would you allow your children to take ‘gifts’ from strangers? Ladies, do you take drinks offered to you from strange men?

Protest & Resistance *

500 years ago on 31st October 1517, another ‘coincidence’ happened on Halloween.

An Augustinian monk Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle Church in Germany. Protesting the extra-biblical practices of the Popes.


The Augustinian order of monks were an evangelism arm of the Roman Catholic church in Europe.

This act of protest and resistance would spark the wildfire of the Protestant #Reformation that swept Europe and the rest of the world.

9a_Pope incense 1

My Question To Christians

Has any Pope ever condemned the celebration of Halloween?

Has the Holy See ever explained the date and name coincidence of Halloween and All Hallow’s Day?

Has the Vatican ever explained the necessity of the practice of praying to (so many) dead people?

Therefore – Is the Reformation protest of 500 years still on or is it over?

To All My Christian Friends *

Let’s celebrate the real reason for the Christian Reformation on 31st Oct 2017.

We are a chosen people called to be children of light.

Happy 500th Reformation Day!

MW photo


The King’s Birthday Message To All Malaysians

1_King Nst

The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V exhorted all Malaysians to pursue unity and harmony in the country.

This was on the joyous occasion of the King’s birthday which was celebrated on Saturday 9th Sept 2017.

The monarch of Malaysia emphasized that unity among the people was the reason for the peace and prosperity that we are now enjoying.

His Majesty expressed confidence in the Royal Malaysia Police and security forces which are diligently combating the terrorism scourge.

Senseless bloodshed and civil conflicts especially in some Middle East countries will serve as a lesson to all.


The head of Malaysian police force’s counter-terrorism division Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay

My Comments *

The King’s message of unity is very timely as we are witnessing many countries turning into war zones due to extremist elements.

It cannot escape our observation that considerable number of Muslims were involved in these lone-wolf skirmishes and also armed insurgencies.

Such violence targeting civillians and innocent citizens are categorically condemned.

But we have to be cautious not to implicate the sanctity of religion with the criminals.

They have committed their grisly crimes due to gross misinterpretations of their faith.

5_ Multiracial Malaysia

Multi-Ethnic Malaysia *

We know that the citizenry of Malaysia encompasses different cultures and ethnic groups which goes on to practice different religions.

In pursuing the objective of harmony and keeping the peace, the spirit of give-and-take should be inculcated in our citizens.

6_ Freedom of religion

Freedom Of Religion *

Not every country in the world provides the freedom of religion to its citizens.

Hence we should appreciate and guard this precious commodity; the freedom and liberty to worship according to our faiths.

A privilege should never be abused – simply because a privilege is not a right.

Don’t cross any red lines that will jeorpadize the unity and harmony of the nation;

Especially in ill-advised proselytization to other communities.


Our King Is A Symbol Of Unity *

We should pledge our full support to our King and His Majesty’s message of unity and harmonious living.

If ever we lose the peace, it would be impossible to put together the shattered pieces.

MW photo










Is Religion To Be Blamed For Terrorism?

Manchester bombing, London Bridge knife attacks, Marawi takeover by gunmen, Baghdad suicide bombings, Afghanistan suicide vehicle, Egypt bombing.

These are lawless acts committed by criminals who murdered more than 100 innocent lives. All done in the holy month of RAMADHAN.

These dramatic acts seized the world news headlines in part because the violent perpetrators so happened to be Muslims.


Let’s turn the clock back to year 1994, starting April 6th, for 100 days.

1 rwanda-war


RWANDA is an east-central African state surrounded by Zaire, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

RWANDA’s population was at 7.3 million people as at April 1994. Racially comprising of Hutu 85 %, Tutsi 14 % and Twa 1%.

2 Hutu, Tutsi

In 1994, RWANDA’s official religion of the populace was Roman Catholic 57 %, Protestant 26 %, Seventh-day Adventist 11 % and Muslim 4.6 %.


3 Hutus 1

The RWANDAN bloodbath claimed as many as 800,000 lives. Some say it was instigated by racist and extreme elements within their own RWANDAN government and military.

3 Hutus 2

Innocent victims were murdered in the 100 days of orchestrated violence. Rape survivors were infected with AIDS.

3 Hutus 3

300,000 more became refugees.

7 Rape 2

Their perpetrators’ weapons of choice – clubs, knives and machetes. You don’t really need guns to kill.

Almost two thirds of the Tutsis population were decimated and ethnically cleansed.

5 child

If Moderate Hutus spoke against the genocide, they were similarly eliminated.

If Moderate Hutus were discovered hiding or helping Tutsis, they too were not spared.

If Moderate Hutus refused to participate in the violence and gang rapes, they were also killed by the para-military force of Hutu extremists.

Frightening!!! It was the Moderate Hutus (the ordinary people) who were stirred up – or instigated – or forced – to be part of the gigantic killing-machine and rape-machine.

5 child 2

5 child 3

The United Nations Security Council established the International Criminal Tribunal for RWANDA (ICTR) to prosecute persons responsible for the genocide committed in RWANDA.

The ICTR opened in 1995 and had indicted 93 individuals responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law committed in RWANDA in 1994.

The offenders included high-ranking RWANDAN government and military officials, politicians and businessmen.

Also indicted were religious leaders, militia leaders, radio station operators and media owners.

But the horrors and the dread of darkness that descended on RWANDA will never be forgotten or never ever to be erased.

6 Catholic 2


At the ICTR, witnesses say there were church leaders who resisted the killings at the risk of their own lives.

At the same time, there were also some church leaders who participated or supported the killings of the Tutsis.


4 Wenceslas-Munyeshyaka

Father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka (born 1958) was found guilty of rape and genocide. A military tribunal in RWANDA sentenced him in absentia to life in prison.

At the Holy Family Cathedral where he was the head priest, he herded his own congregation of adult Tutsis and children to the death squads, which brutally slaughtered them.

4 Seromba

Father Athanase Seromba (born 1963) was charged with the deaths of around 2,000 Tutsis who took refuge in his parish church.

He ordered his church to be bulldozed (with the refugees inside) on April 6 1994, and then shot some survivors.


The Vatican maintained that the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH bore no institutional responsibility – although her priests had committed terrible crimes.

6 Catholic

Only recently in March 2017, Pope Francis asked forgiveness from RWANDAN President Paul Kagame – for the surreptitious role played by CATHOLIC priests during the RWANDAN genocide.

The Pope’s ‘apology’ took almost 23 years since 1994. However, the RWANDAN government felt that it didn’t go far enough.

A considerable number of the faithful had already left the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in RWANDA.

It was an open secret that a CATHOLIC network helped implicated priests and nuns to escape to Europe and evade justice.

Father Munyeshyaka took charge of a CATHOLIC church in Gisors, France. While Father Seromba changed his name and became a parish priest in Florence, Italy.



The violence, murders, rapes and plunder by lawless groups do not represent any religion.

These are common criminals who have succumbed to hatred and evil degeneration in their hearts.

Today, the world is experiencing waves of violence and terror attacks against innocent civilians.

But we can win this ideological war against the terrorists who at times hide behind a religious facade.

The war against terror is definitely not a war against any religion especially ISLAM.

6 Catholic 3


The RWANDAN massacre averaged 8,000 deaths every day for 100 days. Totaling an estimated 800,000 murdered souls.

In comparison, the September 11 terrorist attacks had a death toll of almost 2,996 human lives and injured 6,000 others.

Let’s stop identifying terrorism by the religion of its terrorists. Though they may be Muslims or of any other religion.

But this doesn’t mean that the world will compromise its commitment to bring the violent terrorists to justice.

Let us join our hands – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – to uproot this ideology of hatred.




Color 1


Ariana Grande Concert, Terrorist Attack


I am deeply saddened by the bomb explosion at a music concert in Manchester, UK. My heart and prayers goes out to them.

22 music fans were robbed of their precious lives. The youngest being an 8 years old girl.


20 more are in critical care. Metal nails and screws propelled by the bomb blast pierced their organs and heads.

50+ survivors mostly young girls will have to live with disfigured faces and bodies for the rest of their lives. They could have been your daughters.



The 23-year-old singer Ariana Grande tweeted, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”


ISIS had promptly claimed responsibility for the bloody attack.

To some people, ISIS may be EX-MUSLIMS who had abandoned their faith.

To others, ISIS are MUSLIM extremists who have misinterpreted the true teachings of ISLAM.

Yet to a minority carried by ISLAMOPHOBIA, the name-calling and insult starts, some bordering on blasphemy.


I have many MUSLIM friends myself. I found that they have a genuine sincerity in their friendships.

They are also richly cultured, well-mannered, kind-hearted and often forgiving when offended by hurtful words.

Our MUSLIM friends are equally grieved by these senseless killings and violence. They are sincerely searching for answers, as we are so doing.

As a Christian, I will highlight a passage from the book of Matthew 7:17-20

“You shall recognize them by their fruits. Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

If the good tree of ISLAM – bearing good fruits – represent our MUSLIM friends in MALAYSIA – who are peaceful, tolerant and moderate – then I can confidently say that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE.

Why have a tiny minority of 1-2 % of the good fruits turned diseased by external factors?

As we know, the QU’RAN and the HADITHS are in the native Arabic language which is intricately and inherently complex.

Not all MUSLIMS can master the rich Arabic language and apply the correct interpretation of the sacred text which have a fair share of similes, nuances and hidden meanings.

Hence at times, especially through the social media, foreign preachers who unknowingly spread false interpretations are one of the unfortunate triggers of violence.

We all know the analogy of the “half-empty” or “half-full” glass of water. Hence the question – should ISLAM be represented by the peaceful 98 % or the violent misguided 2 %?

MALAYSIA is fortunate to have nine righteous SULTANS who are head of the religion of ISLAM in their respective states.

By their benevolence, wisdom and positive guidance, MALAYSIA have been richly blessed with peace and prosperity by the ALMIGHTY.

Let us all join our hands with our MUSLIM brothers and sisters to support our KING THE YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG AND OUR SULTANS in defining the governance of ISLAM in MALAYSIA.

Let us stand united to confront and uproot this radical extremism which does not represent any race or religion.

Let us focus on our shared human values, our desire for peace and creating a brighter future for our families.

Let us also make a commitment to reiterate the message, to our generation, that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE, as it is in MALAYSIA.

I will continue to share my thoughts on this subject in further postings. Your kind feedback is very valuable to me.

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Wake-up Call From Water Disruption

Just a week ago, there was a burst pipe in Jalan Sierramas Barat, Sungai Buloh. This required emergency repairs for major water piping.

This water disruption lasted some 48 to 72 hours in the Klang Valley which is in the heart of the nation.

More than 280 areas in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling, Klang and Shah Alam were seriously affected.


It riled up than a million users in households, business premises, restaurants and factories.

There are some hard questions which urgently need to be asked – especially when heated emotions were pouring out in the social media.

Will the government, water authorities, think tanks and citizens learn some vital lessons from this “ACT OF GOD”?


* HOME CONSUMERS. Access to uninterrupted clean water for homes, flats and apartments is the right of every citizen. Most homes have water tanks which provide a limited buffer of 1 to 2 days of family usage.


* RESTAURANTS. Access to uninterrupted clean water for restaurants and eateries is crucial. Food hygiene is of utmost importance for the health of consumers.


* INDUSTRIES AND FACTORIES. Any disruption to water supply would cause a halt in businesses’ and factories’ operations. Thus uninterrupted water supply is mission critical and cannot be taken for granted.


* WATCHDOG AUDITOR. How are we managing our river resources, water purification facilities, water treatment plants and pumping stations? Who audits the water authorities who monopolizes the processes? The state of Selangor alone have three water authorities, namely Syabas, Puas and Splash.

* WATER SECURITY. Is our water collection from the rivers and distribution network vulnerable to a terrorist attack? Who has access to the data of our water supply grid and infrastructure?


* WEB TECHNOLOGY. What level of web technology are we incorporating into the processes? What is our level of readiness compared to the best practices of Singaporean, European and American water authorities?


* GRID NETWORK. How will the three water authorities in Selangor mutually support each other in the event of a water disaster? Taking it to a higher level – can backup plans for water supply from neighbouring states be implemented within 48 hours at any given notice?


* IN EVENT OF A WATER DISASTER. A water disaster is defined as a “large-scale” breakdown in water treatment plants or “poisoning” of our water resources by terrorists. During the Syrian civil war, water supply was shut down indefinitely after ISIS terrorists poured massive quantities of oil or petrol into the rivers.

An “ACT OF GOD” is designed to send a “WARNING FROM GOD”. To ignore this wake-up call – is to do so at our own peril.

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