Ariana Grande Concert, Terrorist Attack


I am deeply saddened by the bomb explosion at a music concert in Manchester, UK. My heart and prayers goes out to them.

22 music fans were robbed of their precious lives. The youngest being an 8 years old girl.


20 more are in critical care. Metal nails and screws propelled by the bomb blast pierced their organs and heads.

50+ survivors mostly young girls will have to live with disfigured faces and bodies for the rest of their lives. They could have been your daughters.



The 23-year-old singer Ariana Grande tweeted, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”


ISIS had promptly claimed responsibility for the bloody attack.

To some people, ISIS may be EX-MUSLIMS who had abandoned their faith.

To others, ISIS are MUSLIM extremists who have misinterpreted the true teachings of ISLAM.

Yet to a minority carried by ISLAMOPHOBIA, the name-calling and insult starts, some bordering on blasphemy.


I have many MUSLIM friends myself. I found that they have a genuine sincerity in their friendships.

They are also richly cultured, well-mannered, kind-hearted and often forgiving when offended by hurtful words.

Our MUSLIM friends are equally grieved by these senseless killings and violence. They are sincerely searching for answers, as we are so doing.

As a Christian, I will highlight a passage from the book of Matthew 7:17-20

“You shall recognize them by their fruits. Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

If the good tree of ISLAM – bearing good fruits – represent our MUSLIM friends in MALAYSIA – who are peaceful, tolerant and moderate – then I can confidently say that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE.

Why have a tiny minority of 1-2 % of the good fruits turned diseased by external factors?

As we know, the QU’RAN and the HADITHS are in the native Arabic language which is intricately and inherently complex.

Not all MUSLIMS can master the rich Arabic language and apply the correct interpretation of the sacred text which have a fair share of similes, nuances and hidden meanings.

Hence at times, especially through the social media, foreign preachers who unknowingly spread false interpretations are one of the unfortunate triggers of violence.

We all know the analogy of the “half-empty” or “half-full” glass of water. Hence the question – should ISLAM be represented by the peaceful 98 % or the violent misguided 2 %?

MALAYSIA is fortunate to have nine righteous SULTANS who are head of the religion of ISLAM in their respective states.

By their benevolence, wisdom and positive guidance, MALAYSIA have been richly blessed with peace and prosperity by the ALMIGHTY.

Let us all join our hands with our MUSLIM brothers and sisters to support our KING THE YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG AND OUR SULTANS in defining the governance of ISLAM in MALAYSIA.

Let us stand united to confront and uproot this radical extremism which does not represent any race or religion.

Let us focus on our shared human values, our desire for peace and creating a brighter future for our families.

Let us also make a commitment to reiterate the message, to our generation, that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE, as it is in MALAYSIA.

I will continue to share my thoughts on this subject in further postings. Your kind feedback is very valuable to me.

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“Daulat Tuanku.” “Long Live The King.”

Monday, 24th April 2017

27 Rejab 1438

This blessed day marks the royal coronation of His Royal Majesty The King Of Malaysia.



His Royal Majesty Sultan Muhammad V, The Supreme Ruler Of Malaysia, DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG.

This auspicious date was also chosen to coincide with the Islamic calendar of Israq and Mikraj which is a physical and spiritual journey.

It speaks of the journey and ascension of PROPHET MUHAMMAD through the seven levels of heaven to meet with ALLAH his Creator.

This reflects on His Royal Majesty’s deep devotion to ISLAM and his desire to rule the nation of Malaysia with righteousness and justice.

Malaysia is richly blessed with the righteous rule of the 15th AGONG since the founding of the Federation of the Malay states in 1957.

The coronation ceremony was an awesome sight to behold, a breath-taking and majestic moment of history in-the-making.

The illuminating presence of the seven Sultans and two crown princes of the nine Malay states in Malaysia.

Their Royal Majesties resplendent in royal regalia with embroidery of gold threads. Befitting to the much loved Malay Sultanage.


Most of all, the splendour of the new King, the countenance of His Royal Majesty filled the palace courts with a golden glow.


The Grand Chamberlain of The Royal Palace presented a golden copy of the AL-QU’RAN to His Royal Majesty at the beginning of the ceremony.

His Royal Majesty kissed the AL-QU’RAN with devotion – this was a meaningful and symbolic gesture.

It depicts the role of the King as HEAD of the Islamic religion of the Federal Territories and four states that do not have a Malay Sultan.

The royal emblems, the ceremonial mace and sceptres of authority of the Malay civilization made its rare appearance on this special day.

Signifying the royal nobility and glorious splendour of His Royal Majesty as chosen by ALLAH to rule over the nation of Malaysia.

* COGAN ALAM, the sceptre of the universe.

* COGAN AGAMA, the sceptre of the religion of ISLAM.

* KERIS PENDEK DIRAJA, the King’s Royal Dagger.

* KERIS PANJANG DIRAJA, the Govermental Royal Dagger.

* GOLDEN AL-QU’RAN, the glorious revelation of ISLAM.



The divine moment arrived when His Royal Majesty took his oath of office effective for the next five years.


Simultaneously, the throne room was resounding with shouts of joy and pride “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”.

Then the melodious music of “NEGARAKU” the national anthem was played with the finest 21-gun salute of the First Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment in accompaniment.

This was followed by the long-awaited proclaimation of the royal coronation of Malaysia’s DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG, SULTAN MUHAMMAD V.


Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak extended his congratulations speech to the newly coronated YANG DI-PERTUAN AGONG.

The Prime Minister as representing the government, security forces, civil servants and the people of Malaysia – solemnly pledged his oath of allegiance to His Royal Majesty.

His Royal Majesty then delivered his Royal Address before the recital of prayers which concluded the coronation ceremony.



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~ As seen through the eyes of Moses Wong. A blessed citizen of Malaysia.

My sincere appreciation to Bernama & The Star for photos of the historical moments.

Daulat Tuanku, Keagongan Tuanku Keemasan Gemilang


Sopan santun budaya perwira Melayu,

Setia mempertahankan takhta RAJA MELAYU.

Denyutan jantung menjunjung kasih TUANKU,

Patik rela mengorban segalanya demi TUANKU.


Dimana rakyat menderita penyamun memerangkap,

Disitu keRAJAan TUANKU, pengganas ditangkap.

RAJA MELAYU jelas penyayang, pelindung rakyat.

Keamanan terjamin, ditakdir kemakmuran rakyat.


Rakyat Malaysia sekian menyanjungi tinggi TUANKU.

Kami berdoa ALLAH memberkati pemerintahan TUANKU.




~ Hasil penulisan Moses Wong

~ Penghargaan gambar kepada Bernama

Will RUU355 Affect The Prestige And Powers Of The Malay Sultans?


* A few days ago, Ex-Member of Parliament Tawfik Ismail filed a lawsuit.

* The court papers were served to the Parliament Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin (BN).

* Seeking the court’s declaration that the proposed RUU355 were done with irregularities.

* PAS carelessly neglected to obtain the prior approval of the Conference of Rulers/ Majlis Raja-Raja.

* The nine Malay Sultans are the head of the religion of Islam in their respective STATES.

* The administration of Islamic matters are the sole and exclusive prerogative of the Sultan in his own STATE.

2. Aliran

< “In Malaysia, Islam is a STATE matter. The Sultan is the head of religion in his own STATE. The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the head of religion in his own STATE as well as the head of religion in the Federal Territories and all STATES without a Sultan. Since religion is a STATE matter, family and personal laws governing Muslims as well as laws relating to religious offences are promulgated by the respective STATES in the Federation, rather than by Parliament. Parliament can only pass legislation on such matters when it comes to the Federal Territories. The manner in which Islamic affairs are organized at the STATE level is laid out in the Administration of Muslim Law Enactments. These STATE-based Enactments are generally similar in content – but not identical to one another.” >


3. RPK RUU355

My comments:-
Many of us have been caught up by this idea popularized by RPK, the King of Bloggers. He says that RUU355 is down to “Muslims versus non-Muslims”. But, is it really true?

The haze is starting to dissipate and the dust is settling down.

Now, RUU355 is beginning to look like a battle between “The Malay Politicians and the Malay Royalists”. (The rulers themselves will never get involved in politics.)

Religion is only the packaging. It is about WHO WINS POWER and who loses power after the enactment of RUU355.

The sooner this realization sinks in, the sooner the shape of the battle will change strategically.

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