Meet My New Muslim Friend Arif

Moses n Hafiz

I just parked my car and checked-in at the LRT Station in Sri Petaling. I was heading to Giant Mall at Kinrara BK5.

There was this young Muslim boy probably 15 or 16 years old.

He just arrived at Sri Petaling LRT and was looking at the location signboard.

I smiled and greeted him, “Selamat Berpuasa”. He responded to my friendliness and continued the conversation.

He told me that he was from Cheras and he was headed to Masjid Sri Petaling. He asked me how far away was it located from the LRT?

I said that if he was to walk his journey, it would probably take 30 minutes.

He said that he would have to take the cab. It was around 12.30 afternoon.

I sensed his anxiety, either he was fasting or because he didn’t have much money.

* This was my observation of ARIF.

(1) By the way he dressed, I knew that he was training to be a HAFIZ. The meaning of the HAFIZ title; a Muslim who is well-versed or had completely memorized the HOLY QU’RAN in the Arabic language. Aspiring Hafizs are usually enrolled in TAHFIZ Islamic Centres or sometimes called Sekolah Agama Rakyat.

(2) He was wearing a white turban and simple robes which signify his desire to be pure and righteous in this journey of life – according to the example set by the prophet of Islam.

(3) Not many people know that kings of Islamic nations wear turbans in the olden days. This signifies that he wants to walk in kingly authority when he has memorized the Word of ALLAH in his heart. This gives him the wisdom to apply the HOLY QU’RAN in his life situations.

(4) His desire to spend time in prayer and fasting in the holy month of RAMADHAN. Having fellowship with the faithful at the masjid. After all, it was a Saturday, a rest day when others are sleeping.

(5) Arif was well-mannered, respectful, humble and has nobility in his character. I believe that he will become a pillar in our society if he is well guided by his mentors.

After doing some research on the Internet, I discovered the following.

An Arabic term meaning; communicating the message of Islam. Dawah, propagation of faith.

An Islamic education and missionary center. Guiding others to the right path.

According to its website, TABLIGH is guided by QU’RAN 2:256 which says, “There shall be no compulsion in the religion.”

My concluding words.

There are a majority of Muslims who are progressive, peaceful, prosperous and participative in nation-building.

Just like the rest of us. Having mutual respect in a multi-religious and multi-cultural soceity.

Let us not be overly over-shadowed, distracted or alarmed by the tiny 1% who hijack the religion to commit violence or other crimes.

We are Malaysians.

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Ariana Grande Concert, Terrorist Attack


I am deeply saddened by the bomb explosion at a music concert in Manchester, UK. My heart and prayers goes out to them.

22 music fans were robbed of their precious lives. The youngest being an 8 years old girl.


20 more are in critical care. Metal nails and screws propelled by the bomb blast pierced their organs and heads.

50+ survivors mostly young girls will have to live with disfigured faces and bodies for the rest of their lives. They could have been your daughters.



The 23-year-old singer Ariana Grande tweeted, “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”


ISIS had promptly claimed responsibility for the bloody attack.

To some people, ISIS may be EX-MUSLIMS who had abandoned their faith.

To others, ISIS are MUSLIM extremists who have misinterpreted the true teachings of ISLAM.

Yet to a minority carried by ISLAMOPHOBIA, the name-calling and insult starts, some bordering on blasphemy.


I have many MUSLIM friends myself. I found that they have a genuine sincerity in their friendships.

They are also richly cultured, well-mannered, kind-hearted and often forgiving when offended by hurtful words.

Our MUSLIM friends are equally grieved by these senseless killings and violence. They are sincerely searching for answers, as we are so doing.

As a Christian, I will highlight a passage from the book of Matthew 7:17-20

“You shall recognize them by their fruits. Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”

If the good tree of ISLAM – bearing good fruits – represent our MUSLIM friends in MALAYSIA – who are peaceful, tolerant and moderate – then I can confidently say that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE.

Why have a tiny minority of 1-2 % of the good fruits turned diseased by external factors?

As we know, the QU’RAN and the HADITHS are in the native Arabic language which is intricately and inherently complex.

Not all MUSLIMS can master the rich Arabic language and apply the correct interpretation of the sacred text which have a fair share of similes, nuances and hidden meanings.

Hence at times, especially through the social media, foreign preachers who unknowingly spread false interpretations are one of the unfortunate triggers of violence.

We all know the analogy of the “half-empty” or “half-full” glass of water. Hence the question – should ISLAM be represented by the peaceful 98 % or the violent misguided 2 %?

MALAYSIA is fortunate to have nine righteous SULTANS who are head of the religion of ISLAM in their respective states.

By their benevolence, wisdom and positive guidance, MALAYSIA have been richly blessed with peace and prosperity by the ALMIGHTY.

Let us all join our hands with our MUSLIM brothers and sisters to support our KING THE YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG AND OUR SULTANS in defining the governance of ISLAM in MALAYSIA.

Let us stand united to confront and uproot this radical extremism which does not represent any race or religion.

Let us focus on our shared human values, our desire for peace and creating a brighter future for our families.

Let us also make a commitment to reiterate the message, to our generation, that ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE, as it is in MALAYSIA.

I will continue to share my thoughts on this subject in further postings. Your kind feedback is very valuable to me.

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Just how old are you, Umno Baru?


Pic credit The Malay Mail Online.
JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU, UMNO? 2017-05-11 09:28

By Mohsin Abdullah

Usually people tend to claim to be younger than their actual age. But not the people in Umno. No not individually but as a group.

They have been at it for years. This year, they are saying their party is 71 years old. Hence, today being Umno Day, the party is celebrating its 71st birthday.

Going by history that Umno was formed on 11 May 1946 by the late Datuk Onn Jaafar, the Umno folks are right.

But wait, wasn’t that Umno of ’46, pardon the expression, “dead and buried ” back in 1988?

A quick throwback.

Older readers would surely remember. But I’ll write it anyway, for the younger readers who might not be familiar with the story. And even for those who knew, well, take a trip down memory lane all the same.

On 24 April 1987, Umno held its annual general assembly and triennial party election after a vicious and bitter campaign.

Fighting for power was Team A led by then president Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy Ghafar Baba, against Team B headed by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah aided by Musa Hitam as number two.

Mahathir and Ghafar won.Two of the three vice presidents elected were from Team A, and the supreme council made up of 16 Team A members compared to nine from Team B.

Then allegations of irregularities, said to be hurled by Team B supporters, surfaced.

On 25 June 1987, an appeal was made by 12 Umno delegates (one pulled out subsequently) to have the Umno assembly and the 24 April election declared null.

In short, the issue was brought to the court. After a series of interlocutory hearings over the discovery of documents that took more than seven months, the matter finally came before Justice Harun Hashim in the Kuala Lumpur High Court on 4 February 1988.

The judge ruled that under existing law he had no option but to find the party, Umno, to be an unlawful society due to the existence of several unregistered branches which contravened the Societies Act of 1966.

Hence, the question of the assembly itself being illegal (sought by the 11 Umno delegates) became academic.

So, based on the High Court decision, Umno the party “died”, again pardon the expression, on 4 February 1988. And it was not revived. Never resurrected.

Instead, Dr Mahathir put into motion the machinery to form a new party, a surrogate party, so to speak, and in due course registered it formally calling it Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu (Baru) or United Malays National Organisation (New), meaning the new Umno registered by Mahathir back then, which is the current Umno led by Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was born in 1988.

Which makes the party a youngish 29 years old instead of the 71 years presently trumpeted all over the country.

Umno must have its own reasons for wanting to be known older than its present age, perhaps to show credibility, longevity and sustainability?

Or perhaps because of this — the suffix “Baru” was eventually dropped and Umno (Baru) became both the de facto and de jure successor of Umno (with the old Umno’s assets handed to them).

Maybe that’s why Umno now calls itself simply Umno and not Umno Baru anymore.

The fact remains although the Umno of Datuk Onn is long gone. What we now have is a replacement. Not a or a resurrected version nor a reincarnation of the Umno formed in 1946.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun Umno!

(Mohsin Abdullah is a freelancer who writes about this, that and everything else.)

The Crooked Politician

Welcome to the dark side of the politician who holds the rein of power.

When new politicians are voted into power, voters tend to be mesmerized by their honest-to-goodness public image.

But there is a saying that says “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


So there is a real possibility that, at some point of time, this saying can become true.

Our politicians can become crooked if the ‘governmental powers’ that they wield is left unchecked.

Without accountability, without checks and balances, our honest politicians can mutate into rascals and rogues.


The lure of temptation is just too great. The ego of being a multi-billionaire. The trappings of power and wealth.

Like our famous politician who once said, “Just close one eye”.

But we are answerable to our conscience and our children – when our country’s resources are plundered and raped.


To the non-atheist who believe in the Judgment Day, in the Last Day, how will you answer to your God?

Will you say – “I had to protect my rice-bowl.” “I couldn’t jeopardize my job promotion.” “They could unfriend me on Facebook.”

I do hope that God has a sense of humour, to laugh off our human weaknesses.


The 14th General Elections in Malaysia is just around the corner.

If you suspect that your politician had turned crooked, it’s time to vote wisely. The Member of Parliament whom you call “Yang Berhormat”.

Just send the crooks into the wilderness. It’s the best favour that we can do for our children.

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Wake-up Call From Water Disruption

Just a week ago, there was a burst pipe in Jalan Sierramas Barat, Sungai Buloh. This required emergency repairs for major water piping.

This water disruption lasted some 48 to 72 hours in the Klang Valley which is in the heart of the nation.

More than 280 areas in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling, Klang and Shah Alam were seriously affected.


It riled up than a million users in households, business premises, restaurants and factories.

There are some hard questions which urgently need to be asked – especially when heated emotions were pouring out in the social media.

Will the government, water authorities, think tanks and citizens learn some vital lessons from this “ACT OF GOD”?


* HOME CONSUMERS. Access to uninterrupted clean water for homes, flats and apartments is the right of every citizen. Most homes have water tanks which provide a limited buffer of 1 to 2 days of family usage.


* RESTAURANTS. Access to uninterrupted clean water for restaurants and eateries is crucial. Food hygiene is of utmost importance for the health of consumers.


* INDUSTRIES AND FACTORIES. Any disruption to water supply would cause a halt in businesses’ and factories’ operations. Thus uninterrupted water supply is mission critical and cannot be taken for granted.


* WATCHDOG AUDITOR. How are we managing our river resources, water purification facilities, water treatment plants and pumping stations? Who audits the water authorities who monopolizes the processes? The state of Selangor alone have three water authorities, namely Syabas, Puas and Splash.

* WATER SECURITY. Is our water collection from the rivers and distribution network vulnerable to a terrorist attack? Who has access to the data of our water supply grid and infrastructure?


* WEB TECHNOLOGY. What level of web technology are we incorporating into the processes? What is our level of readiness compared to the best practices of Singaporean, European and American water authorities?


* GRID NETWORK. How will the three water authorities in Selangor mutually support each other in the event of a water disaster? Taking it to a higher level – can backup plans for water supply from neighbouring states be implemented within 48 hours at any given notice?


* IN EVENT OF A WATER DISASTER. A water disaster is defined as a “large-scale” breakdown in water treatment plants or “poisoning” of our water resources by terrorists. During the Syrian civil war, water supply was shut down indefinitely after ISIS terrorists poured massive quantities of oil or petrol into the rivers.

An “ACT OF GOD” is designed to send a “WARNING FROM GOD”. To ignore this wake-up call – is to do so at our own peril.

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“Daulat Tuanku.” “Long Live The King.”

Monday, 24th April 2017

27 Rejab 1438

This blessed day marks the royal coronation of His Royal Majesty The King Of Malaysia.



His Royal Majesty Sultan Muhammad V, The Supreme Ruler Of Malaysia, DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG.

This auspicious date was also chosen to coincide with the Islamic calendar of Israq and Mikraj which is a physical and spiritual journey.

It speaks of the journey and ascension of PROPHET MUHAMMAD through the seven levels of heaven to meet with ALLAH his Creator.

This reflects on His Royal Majesty’s deep devotion to ISLAM and his desire to rule the nation of Malaysia with righteousness and justice.

Malaysia is richly blessed with the righteous rule of the 15th AGONG since the founding of the Federation of the Malay states in 1957.

The coronation ceremony was an awesome sight to behold, a breath-taking and majestic moment of history in-the-making.

The illuminating presence of the seven Sultans and two crown princes of the nine Malay states in Malaysia.

Their Royal Majesties resplendent in royal regalia with embroidery of gold threads. Befitting to the much loved Malay Sultanage.


Most of all, the splendour of the new King, the countenance of His Royal Majesty filled the palace courts with a golden glow.


The Grand Chamberlain of The Royal Palace presented a golden copy of the AL-QU’RAN to His Royal Majesty at the beginning of the ceremony.

His Royal Majesty kissed the AL-QU’RAN with devotion – this was a meaningful and symbolic gesture.

It depicts the role of the King as HEAD of the Islamic religion of the Federal Territories and four states that do not have a Malay Sultan.

The royal emblems, the ceremonial mace and sceptres of authority of the Malay civilization made its rare appearance on this special day.

Signifying the royal nobility and glorious splendour of His Royal Majesty as chosen by ALLAH to rule over the nation of Malaysia.

* COGAN ALAM, the sceptre of the universe.

* COGAN AGAMA, the sceptre of the religion of ISLAM.

* KERIS PENDEK DIRAJA, the King’s Royal Dagger.

* KERIS PANJANG DIRAJA, the Govermental Royal Dagger.

* GOLDEN AL-QU’RAN, the glorious revelation of ISLAM.



The divine moment arrived when His Royal Majesty took his oath of office effective for the next five years.


Simultaneously, the throne room was resounding with shouts of joy and pride “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”, “DAULAT TUANKU”.

Then the melodious music of “NEGARAKU” the national anthem was played with the finest 21-gun salute of the First Battalion of the Royal Malay Regiment in accompaniment.

This was followed by the long-awaited proclaimation of the royal coronation of Malaysia’s DULI YANG MAHA MULIA SERI PADUKA BAGINDA YANG DIPERTUAN AGONG, SULTAN MUHAMMAD V.


Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Razak extended his congratulations speech to the newly coronated YANG DI-PERTUAN AGONG.

The Prime Minister as representing the government, security forces, civil servants and the people of Malaysia – solemnly pledged his oath of allegiance to His Royal Majesty.

His Royal Majesty then delivered his Royal Address before the recital of prayers which concluded the coronation ceremony.



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~ As seen through the eyes of Moses Wong. A blessed citizen of Malaysia.

My sincere appreciation to Bernama & The Star for photos of the historical moments.

Daulat Tuanku, Keagongan Tuanku Keemasan Gemilang


Sopan santun budaya perwira Melayu,

Setia mempertahankan takhta RAJA MELAYU.

Denyutan jantung menjunjung kasih TUANKU,

Patik rela mengorban segalanya demi TUANKU.


Dimana rakyat menderita penyamun memerangkap,

Disitu keRAJAan TUANKU, pengganas ditangkap.

RAJA MELAYU jelas penyayang, pelindung rakyat.

Keamanan terjamin, ditakdir kemakmuran rakyat.


Rakyat Malaysia sekian menyanjungi tinggi TUANKU.

Kami berdoa ALLAH memberkati pemerintahan TUANKU.




~ Hasil penulisan Moses Wong

~ Penghargaan gambar kepada Bernama

We Ask Hadi To Fulfill His Promises

I, Moses Wong representing Malaysians, makes a sincere invitation to PAS President YB Datuk Seri Hadi Awang after hearing his speech here.

We hope that you – as an eminent PAS leader – will deliver on your promises made in your speech to all Malaysians of different religions.

This is to give an explanation of Act 355 and various questions about the type of Islam as advocated by your party PAS.

Your open attitude will be most welcomed especially in the period of these 3 months. At which time, Parliament will resume in July 2017.

So the said questions will be displayed in this blog AWAKENING9. Thank you.

Hadi Must Fulfill His Promise

Translation Of Hadi’s Speech
< “Why postpone the Parliamentary debate? The Speaker closed the session, the debate in the next Parliament session (in 3 months time). Why? Because we want to give an opportunity to non-Muslims.

We are ready to attend (any event), which is set … not for debate, not for disputation. I am ready to give explanation to them. Isha-Allah. This is for the non-Muslims.

< Hadi speaks in Terengganu dialect. Transcript cannot be made here due to lack of clarity. Referring to Muslims. >

WE WILL ENGAGE THE NON-MUSLIMS ONLY. I said in Parliament that day. We (the Malays) consider the non-Muslims as our brothers in the community. The Chinese, the Indians who are non-Muslims, they are our brothers … our friends.


And finally, I would very much like to thank all gathered here, who are present on this night, those providing support … those from PAS, from UMNO, from NGOs, from the Judiciary, the Attorney General’s Chambers, lawyers,


including those giving cooperation for uplifting the Bill 355. May Allah reward all of you. We hope that Act 355 will unite the Muslims …

This is the concluding wisdom. Now, we know who the enemies of Islam, who are the friends of Muslims.” >

Sila Hadi Mempertunaikan Janjimu

Saya yang bernama Moses Wong mewakili rakyat Malaysia membuat satu jemputan ikhlas kepada Presiden PAS YB Datuk Seri Hadi Awang setelah mendengar ucapannya disini.

Semoga beliau sebagai pemimpin PAS akan menunaikan janji-janjinya dalam ucapannya kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang pelbagai agama.

Ini adalah untuk memberi penjelasan mengenai Akta 355 dan pelbagai soalan mengenai jenis Islam yang diperjuangkan oleh parti PAS.

Sikap yang terbuka beliau dialu-alukan terutamanya dalam tempuh 3 bulan ini. Setakat itu, persidangan Parliament akan bermula semula pada Julai 2017.

Maka soalan-soalan tersebut akan dipamirkan dalam blog ini AWAKENING9. Terima kasih.

Hadi Must Fulfill His Promise
Catatan Ucapan Hadi

< “Mengapa ditangguhkan perbahasan? Speaker terus tutup, perbahasan di sidang yang akan datang (tempuh 3 bulan lagi). Mengapa? Kerana hendak memberi peluang kepada orang bukan Islam.

Kita bersedia untuk hadir mana-mana (jemputan) yang diatur… bukan ajak debat, bukan ajak bahas. Bersedia untuk memberi penjelasan kepada mereka. Isya-Allah. Ini orang bukan Islam.

< Hadi bercakap dalam logat Trengganu. Catatan tidak dapat dibuat disini kerana tidak jelas. Rujukan Hadi mengenai orang Islam. >

Kita ambik orang bukan Islam sahaja. Saya sebut dalam Parliamen hari itu. Kita (orang Melayu) menganggap orang bukan Islam adalah saudara kita dalam masyarakat. Orang Cina, orang India yang bukan Islam adalah saudara
kita… sahabat kita.


Dan akhirnya, saya mengucapkan banyak-banyak terima kasih kepada semua yang berhimpun, yang hadir pada malam ini, yang memberi sokongan… ada dari PAS, dari UMNO, daripada NGO, daripada Jabatan Kehakiman, Jabatan Peguam Negara, peguam-peguam,


termasuk yang beri kerjasama untuk kita angkatkan 355 ini. Mudah-mudah Allah memberi pahala kepada semua. Kita harap supaya 355 dapat menyatukan umat Islam…

Hikmatnya, kita tahu siapa musuh Islam, siapa kawan orang Islam.” >