How Did Halloween Become Christian?

1 Halloween Title

Seriously. I would have been deeply offended if anyone told me so.

That was until I gathered and verified the evidence myself. Now, I really need you to correct me if I am wrong on my facts.

Historical Background *

Halloween was a ‘holy’ day to worship Samhain, the Lord of the dead.

He was the God of the ancient Celts in medieval Britain, Ireland and northern France. Their priests were called Druids, linked to Stonehenge.

2 Stonehenge

Druids dabble with the pentagram and practice child sacrifice by fire. It was to summon their gods from the underworld to gain occult powers.

Celts believe that the dead and deceased will return to the earth as ghosts and ghouls on the night of #Halloween.

Today, this dreadful night of horror is also celebrated by Wicca, witches and Satan-worshipers. After all, it is their most important ‘holy’ day.

Religious Background *

By 43 AD, the Roman Empire had conquered most of the Celtic territory. Over the years, the Romans had combined their religious festivals with the Celts.

On 13 May, 609 A.D. Pope Boniface IV converted the Pantheon into a Roman Catholic church. Before that, it was a Roman temple to worship every god in the world.

Hence, the Pantheon was renamed the Basilica of Virgin Mary. It was dedicated in the honour of St. Mary and all Catholic martyrs.

Pope Gregory III (731-741) dedicated a prayer chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all martyrs and saints. He changed the celebration date to 1st November.

Revering St. Mary + martyrs + saints = All Saints Day/ All Hallows Day.

Pope Gregory IV (827-844) then commanded that the celebrations must be observed and practiced by ALL the Roman Catholic churches worldwide.

Name & Date Coincidence *

31st October 2017 is Halloween Night (Hallow’s Eve).

1st November 2017 is Hallow’s Day or All Saints Day.

2nd November 2017 is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead.

5c_Catholics pray at graves

Catholics pray with candles at the graves.

According to Jewish tradition and Islamic practice, the evening is the beginning of a new day which lasts until the next evening.

Refer to Genesis Chapter 1 verse 5 ~ And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the ‘EVENING’ and the morning were the first day. (KJV)

Hence Halloween which was dedicated to the underworld gods had somehow connected to the Catholic ‘holy’ day – in both name and date coincidence.

Halloween Commercialized *

On the night of Halloween, children and adults alike would disguise themselves as goblins, ghouls and ghastly zombies.

They were hoping that the roaming demons and devils would mistaken them as one of their own. Hence they would not be disturbed.

A typical Halloween would be spent visiting horror house attractions, watch horror movies or attend costume parties.

Carving Jack’o’lanterns, set alight bonfires and telling scary stories. Provoking fear is the common element in these Celtic traditions.

Some local restaurants may even serve up secret ingredients and devilish courses for spirit cooking.

In the name of entertainment and ‘innocent fun’, this horrifying practice had spread to many countries in the world.

What Are The Issues? 

Well you may ask – What’s wrong with dressing up as demons and devils?

Obviously your child (with his mask) just had a change of identity and did an impersonation of evil.

How do you know whether those same evil spirits had drifted (or not) into the soul of your children?

Satan’s rebellion against God = Children’s rebellion against their parents = ???


Trick Or Treat?

On Halloween, children in America would hope to collect candies and chocolates as they knock on their neighbourhood house doors.

‘Trick-or-treat’ meaning if you don’t treat us with candies, we will play evil tricks and pranks on your household.

TRANSLATED — If you don’t submit to us and do our bidding, we will curse you, haunt you and cast spells on you. Terrifying, isn’t it?


The world has gone mad. There were reports of candies being laced with drugs or having razor blades embedded in them. Collected by the children on Halloween.

In the first place, why would you allow your children to take ‘gifts’ from strangers? Ladies, do you take drinks offered to you from strange men?

Protest & Resistance *

500 years ago on 31st October 1517, another ‘coincidence’ happened on Halloween.

An Augustinian monk Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle Church in Germany. Protesting the extra-biblical practices of the Popes.


The Augustinian order of monks were an evangelism arm of the Roman Catholic church in Europe.

This act of protest and resistance would spark the wildfire of the Protestant #Reformation that swept Europe and the rest of the world.

9a_Pope incense 1

My Question To Christians

Has any Pope ever condemned the celebration of Halloween?

Has the Holy See ever explained the date and name coincidence of Halloween and All Hallow’s Day?

Has the Vatican ever explained the necessity of the practice of praying to (so many) dead people?

Therefore – Is the Reformation protest of 500 years still on or is it over?

To All My Christian Friends *

Let’s celebrate the real reason for the Christian Reformation on 31st Oct 2017.

We are a chosen people called to be children of light.

Happy 500th Reformation Day!

MW photo


Wasiat Akhir Dan Warisan DiRaja

Wasiat Al-Wasiyya

Pernahkah anda dinamakan sebagai waris dalam satu wasiat akhir?

Katakanlah, seseorang yang berkenalan dengan anda telah meninggal dunia; samada keluarga atau rakan.

Al-Wasi (pentadbir) harta pusaka mendiang telah memberitahu bahawa anda telah dinamakan sebagai waris dalam wasiat akhir mendiang Al-musi (pewaris).

Ini bermakna anda adalah bakal menerima satu warisan hartanah, harta benda, saham, wang tunai dan sebagainya.

2d family

Families Sitting In Back Of Van Smiling

Perkara Undang-undang Penting *

1. Al-Musi (pewaris) adalah penulis wasiat akhir. Dia melantik Al-Wasi (pentadbir) dan menamakan waris yang layak menerima peninggalan.

2. Waris tidak boleh diubah. Anda sebagai waris mempunyai hak sahih untuk menerima (atau menolak) segalanya yang dinyatakan di dalam wasiat akhir.

3. Kandungan dalam wasiat akhir tidak boleh diubah. Al-Wasi (pentadbir) harta pusaka tidak mempunyai kuasa untuk menukar wasiat akhir; supaya menjadikannya lebih ‘sempurna’.

4. Al-Wasi (pentadbir) diberi kuasa mengedarkan harta pusaka itu hanya mengikut panduan terkandung dan mematuhi hasrat yang diwasiatkan oleh Al-Musi (pewaris).

5. Al-Wasi (pentadbir) tidak boleh diubah kecuali kalau mahkamah diyakini ketidakcekapan Al-Wasi (pentadbir) tersebut. Maka, satu perintah mahkamah diwajibkan.


2b family

Ini Kisah Kami *

Raja-Raja Melayu telah memerintah Tanah Melayu semenjak 500 tahun yang lalu.

Dalam tempuh sebelum 31hb Ogos 1957, 9 Raja-Raja Melayu bermuafakat menjadikan Tanah Melayu (Malaya) sebagai satu warisan.

Warisan ini diwariskan kepada berjuta-juta rakyat Malaysia sebagai waris bersama.

Wasiat akhir adalah terkandung dalam Perlembagaan dan perjanjian-perjanjian lain. Ini juga dikenali sebagai “7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu”.

Wasiat dan Hibah

Wasiat Akhir Diperkasakan Undang-Undang *

Al-Musi (pewaris) – 9 Raja-Raja Melayu sewaktu Merdeka.

Al-wasiyya (wasiat akhir) – Perlembagaan Persekutuan termasuk perjanjian lain.

Waris – semua rakyat Malaysia termasuk anda dan saya.

Al-Wasi (pentadbir) – 9 Sultan yang membentuk Majlis Raja-Raja.

Ketua Al-Wasi – DYMMSPB Yang di-Pertuan Agong yang mewakili Majlis Raja-Raja.

Warisan – keistimewaan kewarganegaraan, bentuk dan watak Malaysia yang kita menikmati.

6 Wasiat 1

Betapa indahnya prinsip-prinsip yang selaris ini:-

> Menerima warisan kami sebagai waris.

> “Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” memperuntukkan warisan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia untuk menjaga kepentingan keturunan.

“Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” jelas menyatakan bahawa terwujud tujuh ketetapan tidak boleh diubah tanpa tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja.

2b TDM Mohon Maaf - MK

Baru-baru ini, Tun Dr. Mahathir memohon maaf di laman webnya.

“Saya ingin memohon maaf kerana pindaan perlembagaan yang menyebabkan kelulusan dan tandatangan Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak lagi menjadi keperluan untuk menjadikan suatu Akta Parlimen sebagai undang-undang.”

2c family



Saya merayu untuk Suruhanjaya Siasatan DiRaja (RCI) ditubuhkan untuk menyiasat pindaan Perlembagaan Persekutuan pada tahun 1983, 1993 dan 1994.

1. Sekiranya 9 Raja-Raja bertindak sebagai ‘Al-wasi wasiat akhir’, siapa mempunyai kuasa sah untuk memindahkan kuasa Al-wasi kepada undi ahli politik?

2. Adalah 9 Raja-Raja tertekan apabila Tuanku-Tuanku menyerah kepada rang undang-undang (RUU) tersebut; dengan pengetahuan bahawa RUU ini akan meminggirkan ‘kuasa Al-wasi’?

3. Adakah satu referendum diwajibkan di seluruh negara untuk mendapatkan persetujuan rakyat Malaysia? Ini kerana rakyat dikenalpasti sebagai ‘waris’ dan kepentingan mereka akan terjejas.

4. Adakah rakyat Malaysia diberi maklum mengenai keputusan ahli politik untuk meminggirkan tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja dalam pemindahan RUU?

5. Adakah rakyat Malaysia diberi penjelasan bahawa bil di Parlimen yang tidak menerima persetujuan dan perkenan Agong akan seterusnya secara otomatik menjadi RUU sahih dalam tempuh 30 hari?

6. Adakah satu persetujuan secara lisan atau bertulis diterima dari rakyat Malaysia sebagai penerima warisan?

2g Suruhanjaya DiRaja

Soalan-soalan penting ini perlu dijawab dengan segera kerana situasi ini boleh memberi kesan kepada integriti institusi dan kedaulatan undang-undang.

Kecuali dan sehingga satu referendum dijalankan di seluruh negara, untuk mendapatkan muafakatan 30 juta rakyat Malaysia;

Apa-apa pindaan kepada Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang meminggirkan kuasa Agong sejak 1983;

Seperlunya diteliti dari kedudukan preundangan yang sah; dan kalau dikenalpasti bertentangan perundangan; maka RUU tersebut mestilah dimansuh, ditolak dan ditarik-balik.

Saya dengan rendah hati merayu supaya tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja diwajibkan semula untuk perundangan Akta RUU di Parlimen.


5th Aug 2017, Konvensyen “Memperkukuh Pasak Negara.”


Langkah mulia ini mengikut perjanjian adil yang dipersetujui sebelum Merdeka dan mematuhi bidang kuasa.

Lebih-lebih lagi, ini akan memulihkan kemuliaan dan keagungan institusi Raja; sebagai Ketua Negara; yang disanjungi tinggi oleh rakyat Melayu dan bukan-Melayu.

MW photo


Tun Dr. M  Memohon Maaf Kerana Mengubah Perlembagaan

Tun Dr. Mahathir secara agresif meminda Perlembagaan Persekutuan semasa beliau memangku jawatan PM Malaysia selama 22 tahun. Dari 1981 hingga 2003.

Ini terjadi terutamanya pada tahun 1983, 1993 dan 1994.

Dalam kejadian yang jarang berlaku, Tun Dr. M memohon maaf di laman webnya.

“Saya ingin memohon maaf kerana pindaan perlembagaan yang menyebabkan kelulusan dan tandatangan Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak lagi menjadi keperluan untuk menjadikan suatu Akta Parlimen sebagai undang-undang.”

2b TDM Mohon Maaf - MK

Parlimen Malaysia *

Biasanya dalam demokrasi parlimen, ahli parlimen membuat perbahasan dan pengundian untuk meluluskan rang undang-undang (RUU).

Apabila ia menerima tandatangan Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan meterai DiRaja, RUU ini menjadi Akta Parlimen.

Dalam kes Tun Dr M, parti pemerintah (Barisan Nasional) mengubal beberapa RUU yang diiringi kempen pahit.

Matlamatnya ialah untuk meminggirkan perlindungan dan keperluan tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja.

Adakah Agong menandatangani RUU ini secara sukarela; dan telah dinasihati dengan secukupnya?

Adakah Agong diberi maklum sepenuhnya bahawa RUU ini akan mengalihkan kuasa Agong kepada Ahli Parlimen yang diundi oleh rakyat?

2c Utusan - Kembalikan Kuasa Agong

2e FMT - Kembalikan Kuasa Agong

6 Wasiat 1

Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu *

(1) Kedaulatan (kekebalan) Raja-Raja untuk memerintah.

(2) Islam adalah agama rasmi Malaysia.

(2b) Kebebasan beragama dijamin kepada rakyat bukan Islam.

(3) Bahasa Melayu adalah Bahasa Kebangsaan.

(4) Tanah Rizab Melayu.

(5) Kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu.

(6) Kepentingan yang sah dari kaum lain.

(7) Rejimen Melayu Diraja.

RUU Di Parlimen *

Kesemua 7 peruntukan ini yang terkandung dalam RUU Parlimen masing-masing tidak boleh dipinda dalam Perlembagaan tanpa tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja.

Tun Dr Mahathir memohon maaf bahawa beliau sebagai PM telah membuat tandatangan Agong dan meterai DiRaja tidak lagi perlu untuk mengubal undang-undang.

Adakah ini bermakna secara teorinya bahawa kesemua 7 peruntukan boleh diubah dengan pengundian 2/3 undi Parlimen?

2g Suruhanjaya DiRaja

Saya percaya bahawa soalan-soalan penting ini tidak dapat dijawab dengan memuaskan tanpa pembentukan Suruhanjaya Siasatan DiRaja (RCI).

Saya dengan rendah hati merayu kepada Kerajaan Malaysia untuk membentuk Suruhanjaya Siasatan DiRaja dengan segera.

MW photo

A Final Will And Royal Inheritance

1 Will Gavel

Have you been been named as a heir in a final will before?

Asuming; someone close to you had passed away; whether family or friend.

The administrator (executor) of the deceased’s estate have informed that you had been named as a heir in the final will of the deceased.

This means that you are a joint-heir (beneficiary) of an inheritance of properties, possessions, stocks or cash.

2d family

Families Sitting In Back Of Van Smiling

Important Legal Points *

1. The testator is the writer of the final will. He appoints the executors and names the heirs entitled to receive the inheritance.

2. The heirs cannot be changed. You have a lawful right to receive everything as stated in the will.

3. The contents of the final will cannot be changed. The executor of the estate does not have the power to change the final will; to make the final will any ‘better’.

4. The executor is given the mandate to distribute the estate only according to the instructions in the final will as stated by the testator.

5. The executor cannot be changed unless the court is convinced of the executor’s incompetence. Hence, only by court order.

2b family

This Is Our Story *

This happened in historical Malaya before 31st Aug 1957. Now the story becomes very interesting.

The 9 Malay Sultans had bequeath Tanah Melayu (combined) which were ruled by the Malay Monarchy for the past 500 years.

This enormous estate was a bequeathment to millions of Malaysian citizens as joint heirs.

The Dynamics Of The Will Is Activated *

Testators – the 9 Sultans at the time of Merdeka.

Final Will – the Federal Constitution including other agreements.

Joint heirs – you, me and all the citizens of Malaysia.

Executors – the 9 Sultans forming the Rulers Council.

Chief Executor – the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) representing the Rulers’ Council.

Inheritance – the privileges of citizenship, the form and character of Malaysia that we live in.

Last will

6 Wasiat 1

What a beautiful parallel of principles between:-

> Receiving our inheritance as heirs.

> “Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” leaving an inheritance to all Malaysians.

“Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” clearly states that its seven immutable declarations cannot be changed without the Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal.

Star - Dr M

Recently, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir made an apology on his website.

“I would like to apologise for the amendment to the Constitution which made the approval and signature of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the King) no longer necessary for the legalising of an Act of Parliament.”

2c family



I appeal for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to be established to investigate the Federal Constitution amendments in 1983, 1993 and 1994.

1. If the present 9 Sultans were acting as ‘executors of the will’, who has the lawful authority to transfer the ‘executor’s powers’ to the politician’s vote?

2. Were the Sultans (being executors) subjected to duress when Their Majesties consented; knowing that the enacted Acts will diminish the ‘powers of the executors’?

3. Was there a nationwide referendum to seek the consent and approval of all Malaysians since their best interests would be affected as ‘joint-heirs of the final will’?

4. Were Malaysian citizens duly informed on the politicians’ decision to sideline the Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal in the Constitutional amendments?

5. Were Malaysian citizens informed that any bills in Parliament that does not receive royal assent will automatically become law of the nation within 30 days?

6. Was there a written or verbal consent recorded from the 30 million Malaysians being ‘joint-heirs’ and beneficiaries?


These imperative questions need to be answered urgently as the situation can affect the integrity of our institutions and the rule of law.

Unless and until a nationwide referendum is held to obtain the consensus of the 30 million Malaysians;

Any amendments to the Federal Constitution that diminishes the Agong’s (King’s) powers since 1983;

Should be scrutinised of its lawful standing; and if such are identified as conflicting with the rule of law; these Acts should be completely repealed, rejected and retracted.

I humbly appeal that the Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal to be made compulsory once again for the legislation of laws in the Parliament.

4r_The King Shoulders The Mandate Of Allah Entrusted

5th Aug 2017, Konvensyen “Memperkukuh Pasak Negara.”


This noble step is in accordance to the sacred agreements made pre-Merdeka and this fully abides by the rule of law.

Furthermore, this will restore the glory and majesty of the King’s institution; as the Head of the Government; which is highly exalted by the Malays and non-Malays.

MW photo

Tun Dr. M Apologises For Changing Constitution

Tun Dr. Mahathir aggressively amended the Federal Constitution while he was Malaysia’s PM for 22 years. From 1981 to 2003.

This happened particularly during the years of 1983, 1993 and 1994.

In a rare admission of wrongdoing, Tun Dr. M made this apology on his website.

“I would like to apologise for the amendment to the Constitution which made the approval and signature of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the King) no longer necessary for the legalising of an Act of Parliament.”

1 TDM Apology - MK

2 TDM Apology - MM

Malaysia’s Parliament *

Usually in a parliamentary democracy, the members of parliament (MPs) debate and vote to legislate bills.

Once it receives the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal, the bill becomes an Act of Parliament.

In Tun Dr M’s case, the ruling coalition legislated several bills orchestrated with a bitter public campaign.

The objective was to remove the necessity and safeguard of the Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal.

Did the Agong (King) signed the legislation willingly; and was advised sufficiently?

Was the Agong (King) fully informed that this bill will shift his Majesty’s powers to the MPs elected by the people?

3 C_Amendment

4 C_Amendment

5 C_Amendment

6 Wasiat 1

Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu *

The 7 Declarations Of The 9 Malay Rulers’ Will

(1) The sovereignty (immunity) of the Rulers to rule.

(2) Islam is the official religion of Malaysia.

(2b) Freedom of religion is guaranteed for non-Muslims.

(3) The Malay Language is the National Language.

(4) Malay Reserve Land.

(5) The privileged position of the Malays.

(6) The legitimate interests of other races.

(7) Royal Malay Regiment.


Acts of Parliament *

All 7 declarations contained in the respective Acts of Parliament cannot be amended in the Constitution without the Agong’s (King’s) signature and royal seal.

Tun Dr Mahathir apologised that he as the PM had made the King’s signature and royal seal no longer necessary for legislating of laws.

Does it mean theoretically that all 7 declarations can now be changed by a 2/3 Parliamentary vote?

I believe that these vital questions cannot be satisfactorily answered without the formation of a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI).

I humbly appeal to the Government of Malaysia to establish a RCI urgently.

MW photo

PM Najib Supports “7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu”

Have you heard of the 7 declarations of the 9 Malay Rulers’ Legal Will?

When I did a Google search, I found out that YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Supports “7 Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu”.

1 Sinar Harian - 7 Wasiat


PM  Najib says that “Tujuh Wasiat Sembilan Raja-Raja Melayu” is very clear with no uncertainty; and it cannot be disputed.


2 Bernama - 7 wasiat

Bernama 7th Aug 2009

Translated to English

PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on Friday reminded the people to respect the reminder given by Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah on the “legal will” of the nine Malay Rulers.

He said this when asked to comment on the remarks of Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah which reminded the people especially the Malays of the “Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” which promised solidarity, peace and harmony if they unite and adhere firmly to it.

The “legal will” was conveyed by the Malay Rulers before they signaled the consent of the formation of the Federal Constitution of Malaya on 5 August 1957.

Defense Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the “Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu” was much more than a social contract between the people and the king, and it also had a depth of meaning.

Perhaps many have forgotten concerning this “legal will” – only to be used as historical material. Zahid added that Raja Muda Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah has made the “legal will” a stern warning not only to Malays but also to the non-Malays.

My Comments

I have been left with no shadow of doubt that the “7 declarations of the 9 Malay Rulers Legal Will” must be fully adhered to.

Please join me to give our unequivocal commitment to this noble objective. My following articles will explain.

MW photo

Tujuh Wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu

This document was published by Malaysia’s Ministry of Information concerning

The 7 declarations of the 9 Malay Rulers Legal Will.

Let us take a pictorial journey to the hearts and minds of the 9 Rulers of the Malaya states (later renamed Malaysia).

What were Their Royal Majesties thinking?

What were Their Royal Majesties feeling?



Unlocking The Blessings Of The King’s Name

I’m writing this posting as a citizen journalist.

I want to make this interesting and definitely unconventional.

The subject of our interest? Unlocking the blessings of the King’s name.

1 King

The Monarch Of Malaysia *

The present king of Malaysia was born as “Tengku” Muhammad Faris Petra.

Actual birthday is on 6th October 1969. Current age 47.

His Majesty became the “Crown Prince” or “Tengku Mahkota” in the state of Kelantan in October 1985.

After ascending to the throne of Kelantan on 13th Sept 2010, His Majesty would be known as Sultan Muhammad V (The Fifth).

On 13th Dec 2016, His Majesty was proclaimed as the Head of State of Malaysia.

To be known to His subjects, His peers and to the world as;

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V.

2_Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid

Sultan Muhammad V bowing and conveying his respects to his mother Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid on 13th Dec 2016.

Why Are Names Important To Muslim Parents? *

They believe that the chosen name will unlock the child’s destiny and his life’s purpose.

Even as an adult, we need to discover again the (deeper) meaning of our own names.

Then, we will begin to understand our identity and the direction we need to take in life.


The Power Of The Name *

Tuanku Muhammad [ Faris Petra ].

“Tuanku” indicates My Lord, My Master, My King.

Obviously “Muhammad” is the name of the prophet of Islam.

The praiseworthy one who is beloved in the hearts of all Muslims.

“Faris” indicates perspicacity, sagacity, sharp insight and deep discernment of spiritual truths.

“Faris” also indicates a skilled horseman or warrior on horseback in Arabic.

“Petra” is the name of the Kelantan royal family which denotes The Rock and Foundation Stone.


The Blessings Unlocked *

Hence the name of our King means:-

A beloved King to his people.

After the example of the prophet.

With deep discernment of the will of the Almighty.

Who is the cornerstone of the kingdom.


What Does Muhammad V Mean? *

To those who oppose the King or his good works,

They will know him as Muhammad “The Victorious”,

The one mandated to overcome all adversities.

What Does “V” Mean? *

“V” is a Roman numeral which denotes FIVE (5).


The Power Of Five *

There are five fingers on our right hand.

Therefore there are five aligning influences which is a moral compass to the King.

1. The five pillars of Islam.

2. The five daily ritual Islamic prayers.

3. The King is the Head of Islam in five states. 1 Sultanate and 4 Medinan States.

4. The King is impacted by the 1st five Surahs of the Qu’ran. 1 Meccan and 4 Medinan Surahs.

5. The King is guided by five Muftis of the five states who form an informal council of advisors.

I have not included Federal Territories for item (3) and (5) because I don’t consider FT as one of the states which signed the agreement of federation on 31st Aug 1957 or 16th Sept 1963.

What’s Next? *

I will study the meaning of the Medinah Constitution in conjunction with Awal Muharram. This will give us clues to the King’s life purpose.

Pic credit to, NST, The Sun, The Star, Astro Awani

MW photo


PAS Attacks Sabah Politician David Orok


Islamic party PAS filed a police report against Sabah politician David Orok for insulting Islam.

PAS urged the police, Jakim an Islamic regulatory body and Ministry Of Home Affairs (KDN) to investigate Orok for offending the sensitivities of Muslims.

My fellow Malaysians, let’s not take any sides but examine the issue without any pre-determined prejudices.

1_David Orok

Orok allegedly posted his remarks in his Facebook page concerning Abraham (Ibrahim) which Muslims revered him as a prophet.

Abraham is also the father of the Ishmael (Ismail) which became the ancestor of the Arab and Semantic people.

The revered Prophet Muhammad who is the founder of the Muslim faith can trace his ancestry to Ishmael.

1b_David Orok

Orok allegedly said that Abraham had a wife and two concubines which he sired children with all three.

Then Orok tied it with a local controversy where Malaysian Muslim children born with their parents’ wedded legitimacy status if questionable – are not allowed to take on their father’s name.


Let me explain it from my perspective.

Abraham was living around the year 1950 BC (Before Christ).

The Prophet Moses (Musa) who introduced the 10 commandments lived aound year 1526 BC.

The Prophet Muhammad who introduced the Syariah law was born in year 571 A.D.


Do you know that you are judging someone with a law which was not existing in their lifetime?

Next question: are you judging Abraham according to the Mosaic law which came 400+ years later?

Or is it according to Syariah laws which came about 2500+ years after Abraham?

Is it appropriate to judge the conduct of a people living in a different century, which have different customs in a different culture?

Is this your understanding of the law and precepts practised some 4000 years ago?


Do retract your insensitive posting and make an apology to your fellow Malaysians.

Please remember to be more circumspect in future. You will make more friends than enemies.



Many of us speculate that PAS aspires to form the next government presumably with Umno after GE14.

You made no secret of your police report plus your urging of Jakim and KDN to take criminal action against David Orok.

You left us no doubt that there will be more of the same big-stick if ever PAS were to come to power in the national government.

Was it too difficult for PAS to give a rebuttal and clarification to David Orok’s allegations point-by-point?

Some Muslims may be aware of your position but most of us really don’t.

Isn’t it time for you to connect to us? We are a multi-ethnic and multi-religious Malaysia.

Wouldn’t it be a perfect opportunity for PAS to tell us about the beauty and message of Islam?

If you had disarmed David Orok by gentle persuasion, wouldn’t you have won over another 100,000 hearts and minds through social media?

Instead you resorted to the sword (metaphor) rather than the pen.

But it isn’t too late to amend your ways. Will you?

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911 Is A Day We Will Remember


Monday, September 11, 2017 is a day we will remember.

In the future when we look back, it will be poignant moments.

Words cannot describe the emotions we feel. It’s best we peruse the news clips and photos before us.


Dark clouds hang over the nation like the sorrow in our hearts.


Malaysia have lost one of her finest son.


“Takziah atas kemangkatan Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah.”


My deepest condolences.


Meanwhile in Washington D.C. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s first visit to the White House since Donald Trump became President.



The United States is commemorating the anniversary of September 11, 2001. An event that shocked the world 16 years ago.

3 Trump

3b Trump

3d Trump

Coincidences are very hard to understand. Perhaps it is the Almighty trying to tell us something deeper.

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