The Wisdom Of The Malay Rulers

4u_The Wisdom Of The Malay Rulers

Since the start of civilization, as a tradition, the Sultan will be presented with reports concerning the state and the people.

The Monarchy have always practiced a system of consultation for counsel and perspectives.

Based on the historical account and genealogy of Malay Sultans in “Sulalat al-Salatin”,

The practice of consultation is prioritised and its vital importance is reemphasised to the next heir of the throne.

This is as symbolized in the will and final message of Sultan Alauddin Shah to his son Sultan Mahmud Shah.

O my son, you know that this world will not continue to exist … except by faith …

This is my bequeath of inheritance to you that you prayerfully consider.

Do not violate the rights of any of your people without a just cause.

Because all the servants of the Almighty is given into the power of your hands.

Furthermore, you should take counsel with all the main ministers, the community leaders and the stakeholders.

No matter how wise is the king or how wide is his knowledge; without consultation and consensus; with all the officials.

There will not be peace and harmony; and the king will not be able to perform the rule of his kingdom with wisdom.

Just as this metaphor illustrates; as the citizens of the kingdom are like the roots, and the king is like the tree trunk.

For if there are no roots, surely the tree trunk will not be able to stand.

Now concerning the Malays your subjects, no matter, how great or grievous their transgressions may be,

Do not be hasty to impose the death penalty unless it concerns the commandment of the Almighty.

If you impose the death penalty and later the executed prisoner is found to be innocent,

Then the throne of your kingdom will perish because innocent blood had been  shed.


#Secara tradisi, sejak zaman berzaman, Raja setelah disembah maklum hal ehwal urusan negeri dan rakyat, mengamalkan sistem bermusyawarah untuk memperoleh nasihat dan pandangan. Berdasarkan catatan dalam Sulalat al-Salatin, sistem musyawarah amat diutamakan, dijadikan amanat penting kepada pewaris takhta seperti yang dilambangkan dalam wasiat Sultan Alauddin Shah kepada anakanda Baginda Sultan Mahmud Shah:

#”Hai anakku, ketahui olehmu bahawa dunia ini tiada akan kekal adanya…melainkan iman…Adapun peninggalku ini hendaklah anakku berbuat ibadat sangat-sangat, jangan anakku mengambil hak segala manusia dengan tiada sebenarnya, kerana segala hamba ALLAH semuanya terserah kepadamu… Syahadan hendaklah engkau muafakat dengan segala perdana menteri dan segala orang besar-besar, kerana raja-raja itu jikalau bagaimana sekalipun bijaksananya dan tahunya sekalipun, jikalau tiada ia muafakat dengan segala pegawai, tiada akan sentosa adanya, dan tiada akan dapat ia melakukan adilnya; rakyat itu umpama akar, raja itu umpama pohonnya; jikalau tiada akar nescaya tiada akan dapat berdiri. Adapun segala anak Melayu, jikalau bagaimana sekalipun besar dosanya jangan segera kau bunuh, melainkan yang patut pada hukum ALLAH…jikalau kau bunuh ia dengan tiada dosanya, bahawa kerajaan mu binasa.”

Petikan Titah DiRaja (Excerpt Of The Royal Address Of)
DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah
5hb Ogos 2017, Konvensyen “Memperkukuh Pasak Negara.”







The King Provide Check And Balances To The Government

4k_The King Provide Check And Balances

The King is part of a national institution that can play a positive role in strengthening the democratic system.

His Majesty’s responsibility is to provide check and balances.

To the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government.

This is in order to preserve the interests and welfare of citizens.


# Raja adalah sebahagian daripada institusi negara yang dapat berperanan positif memperkukuhkan sistem demokrasi dengan melaksanakan tanggungjawab semak dan imbang kepada cabang-cabang legislatif, eksekutif dan kehakiman, demi memelihara kepentingan dan kebajikan warga.

Petikan Titah DiRaja (Excerpt Of The Royal Address Of)
DYMM Paduka Seri Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah
5hb Ogos 2017, Konvensyen “Memperkukuh Pasak Negara.”

Something Very Strange Is Going On – Public Caning In Malaysia

On 13th July 2017, the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly unanimously passed an amendment to the Syariah Criminal Procedure Enactment 2002. However, this revised enactment has yet to receive royal assent.

This was to allow caning in full public view for Syariah offences which were previously witnessed only by prison officials. Four types of offences include sodomy, illicit sex (zina), alcohol consumption and false accusation of zina. Law applicable for Muslims only.

As a non-Muslim and a concerned Malaysian, these are my observations.

1 Aceh Public-Caning - Cameras

1. Caning In Aceh – Reverting From ‘Public’ To Private

Two months ago, Aceh (Indonesia) implemented ‘public’ canings in response to demands by its Islamic hardliners. Since then, canings were carried out in full public view in front of the mosque after prayers for Syariah offenders.

2 20170716 Nst - Aceh may make canings private

Why is Aceh now reverting the ‘public’ canings back to the privacy of prison walls? Has our Muslim scholars, politicians and assemblymen consulted the Muftis in Aceh as to enquire what went wrong?

3 Surah 24.2

2. What Does The Holy Qu’ran Say?

“The (unmarried) woman or (unmarried) man found guilty of sexual intercourse – lash each one of them with a hundred lashes, and do not be taken by pity for them in the religion of ALLAH, if you believe in ALLAH and the Last Day. And let a group of the believers witness their punishment.” Surah 24:2

FYI, the videos and images of the ‘public’ canings in my blog are sourced from Google, Facebook and Youtube. What does the “group of believers” mean? Does it include ALL the 7 billion people in the world today?

I note that the punishment of caning is stipulated (only for zina) and necessary for moral education. But what about caning in full public view in the Internet era? Is that why Aceh is retreating so fast?

Then why are PAS and UMNO politicians pushing ahead and blatantly ignoring the facts? What are their real motives?

3. The Internet Is Forever

If the new enactments receive royal assent, Kelantan will be the only state in Malaysia and in the world which mandate canings implemented ‘publicly’. I have omitted the ISIS in Iraq and Raqqa Syria because many Muslims don’t even consider them Islamic.

While Syariah offenders in other Malaysian states will undergo ‘private’ canings thus sparing them the public humiliation from the unbelievers.

4 caning

Imagine the shame, opprobrium, disgrace and dishonour borne by the Muslimin and Muslimat. To be a hot topic of discussion amongst the non-believers. In the neighbourhood, in the marketplace and in the office. Is this what the Holy Qu’ran commanded?

The lashings are video-recorded on Facebook and Youtube; to be viewed by millions. “Selama-lamanya”, forever is a very long time. Try Google image searching with the keywords “Aceh” or “Islamic State” and “caning”.

4. Malaysia’s Supreme King

As The Yang DiPertuan Agong of Malaysia, Sultan Muhammad V is the Head of ISLAM for Kelantan, Federal Territories, Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak.

5a sultan kelantan

Sultan Muhammad V is deeply loved by the people of Malaysia. It is true that His Majesty has a very special place in the hearts of the Kelantanese.

5b sultan kelantan

Is it because the Kelantanese are so loved that they are given far exceeding than the doctor’s prescribed dosage?

Is caning done publicly for full viewing for the unbelievers (ready with their mobiles and camcorders), only for Kelantan’s ummah’s own good?

How will His Majesty explain to his subjects….. that Muslims in Kelantan are different from the Muslims in FT, Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak….. hence they deserve different treatments.

5. Time To Expose Secret Agendas

What are the PAS and UMNO politicians secretly thinking? Something very strange is going on. Indeed!!!

Don’t they know that this amendment will disconnect the Kelantanese grassroots from their Malay Ruler?

Don’t they know that enactment (if passed into law) will discolour the international image of our beloved King, the YDP AGONG who is the Head of ISLAM in the Nation-State of Malaysia?

PAS & UMNO politicians claims to champion the royal institution and uphold the dignity of ISLAM. But their political posturing have a hidden agenda.

6. Judicial Discretion For Whom?

Kelantan’s Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah says, “Caning can now be carried out inside prison or outside prison, depending on court decision.”

6 20170713 Star - Kelantan whips up a storm

This means that the Syariah Court Magistrate or Judge has the discretionary power, to vary, to be selective – as to who receives publicity.

This leads to the unhealthy inference and (mis)perception; rightly or wrongly; that the rich and powerful (offenders) could receive favourable treatment.

Neither PAS or UMNO politicians have explained why the Judicial exception (or escape clause) is present if ‘public’ caning is a divine command as they so claimed. Where is the perception of fairness; that all Muslims are equal before the Islamic law?

7 20170714 Star - Zahid_Keep it in perspective

Deputy PM Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is not addressing the real issues. Obviously this new law does not apply to non-Muslims.

7. Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) have failed to exercise thought leadership on behalf of His Majesty, our beloved AGONG.

Perhaps it is now time to establish His Majesty’s royal think-tank which is independent of the PMO or politicians.

Patriotic thought leaders who are loyal to His Majesty’s cause will answer the call to chart the future of Malaysia.

Color 1

Democracy And Republic ~ Part 4 of 7

4 - Democracy 1

I have chosen these topics because many of our peers in this generation are born after World War II. Many issues need to be considered in perspective and context.

In the written history of mankind, most of the countries in the world have always been ruled by monarchs or kings.

After World War 2 ended in 1945, many nations started transitioning to new forms of government – being democracies and republics.

In these new forms of government; the majority vote of the nation’s citizens in General Elections determine:-

* the kind of State laws that they want to govern themselves;

* the leaders that they want to lead the State.

4 - Federal Constitution

Constitutional Monarchy

In a democracy, the king is retained as the Head of State.

The extend of powers of the king is as defined in the State Constitution.

In a republic, the President is elected to function as the Head of State.

Singapore’s President has strong veto powers to block the abuse of the nations’ strategic financial reserves.

Both the #Democracy and #Republic State Constitution define that the three branches of government serve under the #Monarch or the #President respectively.


The Three Branches Of Government.

The doctrine of the separation of powers is to provide the constitutional checks and balances. This is for the proper functioning of the State.

It ensures that each branch of government acts with integrity; and effectively; and without the abuse of its defined powers.

4 - Najib

(I) The Executive. The Prime Minister is usually the head of the coalition of political parties. He appoints his cabinet of ministers, usually from his allies who are legislators in the Parliament.

4 - Parliament

(II) The Parliament. Members of Parliament are voted in by the people during General Elections. MPs legislate new laws or amend current laws to be enacted into the Acts of Parliament.

4 Judiciary laws 2

(III) The Courts. Judges are appointed by the Head of State/ The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. The Judiciary interpret the laws of Parliament and makes judicial judgments to be enforced. The Courts can also rule against the Executive or the Legislative Assembly.

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Did RPK Bite Off More Than He Could Chew?

The King of bloggers strikes again. Raja Petra Kamaruddin fondly known as “RPK” made some serious allegations on his webpage Malaysia Today.

RPK’s article in question.

His targets ~
* DAP Supremos ~ Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng
* The Malaysian Insight Founder ~ Jahabar Sadiq

Apandi Ali

The Collateral Damage
Malaysia’s Attorney General The Honourable Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Mohamed Apandi bin Haji Ali.

What RPK actually said,

<“The RM40 million is not just to finance The Malaysian Insight. It is a ‘package deal’ that Kit Siang made with Jahabar Sadiq to get him to use to his brother-in-law, Mohamed Apandi Ali, the Attorney General, to keep Guan Eng out of jail.

….. An even bigger question is will Apandi dare get Guan Eng acquitted? The evidence against Guan Eng is air-tight and there is no way he can escape. The only way Guan Eng can escape would be if Apandi rigged his trial.”>


How will AG Apandi Ali respond to the blogger’s insinuation to his integrity? What about protecting the integrity of the justice system in Malaysia?

We should not prejudge or rule out anything yet. Just patiently wait and see.

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