A Benevolent King Inspires Loyalty ~ Part 3 of 7

2 - Agong Muhammad V

Amongst different kings, I have found that some have special qualities that connect them to their people. their subjects.

* Like a loving father, he cares for his people and is touched by their suffering.

* Like a walled city and fortress, he is their protector from bandits and pirates.

* Like a defender of justice, he is a guardian especially to the fatherless and widows.


The Olden Days & Modern Times

Peace and security were guaranteed to the people. Everyone had the right to livelihood. To enjoy the fruits of their labour. Creating wealth from commerce and industry.

This was in exchange for yearly tributes to the king or income taxes for the running of the government. Indeed, the realm of the kingdom belonged to the royal family.

Citizens of the kingdom had to pledge their undivided allegiance, faithfulness and loyalty to their sovereign king.

In event of war, citizens must volunteer their fathers, husbands and sons to fight as soldiers. To repel attacks, sometimes sacrifices were made, even at the cost of their lives.

3 - Career Soldiers

In the modern world, most of the nations’ armies are full-time career soldiers. This was necessary because modern warfare incorporates a high level of technology and software.

The personnel manning the military, navy, airforce and intelligence – needs to be disciplined and trained in a wide spectrum of expertise.

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