Meet My New Muslim Friend Arif

Moses n Hafiz

I just parked my car and checked-in at the LRT Station in Sri Petaling. I was heading to Giant Mall at Kinrara BK5.

There was this young Muslim boy probably 15 or 16 years old.

He just arrived at Sri Petaling LRT and was looking at the location signboard.

I smiled and greeted him, “Selamat Berpuasa”. He responded to my friendliness and continued the conversation.

He told me that he was from Cheras and he was headed to Masjid Sri Petaling. He asked me how far away was it located from the LRT?

I said that if he was to walk his journey, it would probably take 30 minutes.

He said that he would have to take the cab. It was around 12.30 afternoon.

I sensed his anxiety, either he was fasting or because he didn’t have much money.

* This was my observation of ARIF.

(1) By the way he dressed, I knew that he was training to be a HAFIZ. The meaning of the HAFIZ title; a Muslim who is well-versed or had completely memorized the HOLY QU’RAN in the Arabic language. Aspiring Hafizs are usually enrolled in TAHFIZ Islamic Centres or sometimes called Sekolah Agama Rakyat.

(2) He was wearing a white turban and simple robes which signify his desire to be pure and righteous in this journey of life – according to the example set by the prophet of Islam.

(3) Not many people know that kings of Islamic nations wear turbans in the olden days. This signifies that he wants to walk in kingly authority when he has memorized the Word of ALLAH in his heart. This gives him the wisdom to apply the HOLY QU’RAN in his life situations.

(4) His desire to spend time in prayer and fasting in the holy month of RAMADHAN. Having fellowship with the faithful at the masjid. After all, it was a Saturday, a rest day when others are sleeping.

(5) Arif was well-mannered, respectful, humble and has nobility in his character. I believe that he will become a pillar in our society if he is well guided by his mentors.

After doing some research on the Internet, I discovered the following.

An Arabic term meaning; communicating the message of Islam. Dawah, propagation of faith.

An Islamic education and missionary center. Guiding others to the right path.

According to its website, TABLIGH is guided by QU’RAN 2:256 which says, “There shall be no compulsion in the religion.”

My concluding words.

There are a majority of Muslims who are progressive, peaceful, prosperous and participative in nation-building.

Just like the rest of us. Having mutual respect in a multi-religious and multi-cultural soceity.

Let us not be overly over-shadowed, distracted or alarmed by the tiny 1% who hijack the religion to commit violence or other crimes.

We are Malaysians.

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