I really miss you.

I have taken a 2 weeks hiatus from blogging my thoughts. Please accept my sincere apologies. Let me think of some reasons to give you:-

  1. Silence speaks louder than words.
  2. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  3. I really miss you. That’s why I’m back.

There were some urgent issues that I had to deal with. I detected a security intrusion into my Gmail account.

If the hacking was left untreated, it could blow up in my face.

Guess what? The intruder could well be reading my blog now.

But no worries. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet. Or nude pictures of myself. They probably picked the wrong target.

So I had to rethink my approach to blogging. I had to identify security weaknesses.

My WordPress blog & Facebook profile & other social media are my professional identity. No compromises.

Perhaps I will share my (amateur) tips with you. No, better still – we can swap notes. Then we can become friends. Cool.

I had to patch things up. But it just took some time.  My sincere apologies again.

Great to be back. Right now, my thoughts are like … the rivers of water overflowing the dam. So get ready.

I really miss you.

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