Did RPK Bite Off More Than He Could Chew?

The King of bloggers strikes again. Raja Petra Kamaruddin fondly known as “RPK” made some serious allegations on his webpage Malaysia Today.

RPK’s article in question.

His targets ~
* DAP Supremos ~ Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng
* The Malaysian Insight Founder ~ Jahabar Sadiq

Apandi Ali

The Collateral Damage
Malaysia’s Attorney General The Honourable Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Mohamed Apandi bin Haji Ali.

What RPK actually said,

<“The RM40 million is not just to finance The Malaysian Insight. It is a ‘package deal’ that Kit Siang made with Jahabar Sadiq to get him to use to his brother-in-law, Mohamed Apandi Ali, the Attorney General, to keep Guan Eng out of jail.

….. An even bigger question is will Apandi dare get Guan Eng acquitted? The evidence against Guan Eng is air-tight and there is no way he can escape. The only way Guan Eng can escape would be if Apandi rigged his trial.”>


How will AG Apandi Ali respond to the blogger’s insinuation to his integrity? What about protecting the integrity of the justice system in Malaysia?

We should not prejudge or rule out anything yet. Just patiently wait and see.

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