The Malays’ Political Thinking

The Malay cum Muslim populace in Malaysia can sustain diverse views in the school of political thought. It is unimaginable yet the facts are clearly plausible.

From left-wing to right-wing politics, the Malays have been there.

From the royalists to the career politicians, the Malays have been there.

From communism (during Chin Ping’s time) to capitalistic wheeling-and-dealing politics (1MDB), the Malays have been there.

Malay cum Muslim


Royalty, religion and rich privileges of bumiputras (sons of soil) are the hallmark of Malay politics.

When these attributes are perceived to be threatened, the Malays will quickly close ranks. It is always inevitable.

Opposition politicians are too often labelled as “anti-Islam” or “anti-Bumiputra” whenever they raise issues in Parliament.

It worked and too often in the past. But due to over-dose and over-usage of the formula, a counter effect is now starting to take place.

The chasm is growing, deepening and widening in the potpourri of politics. Hard questions are now being asked increasingly in social media.

What is the degree of entitlements allowed – that millions of development dollars (ringgit) can go missing and unaccounted for? When will this vaporization of millions even billions; be reclassified as corruption?

Does the Government’s interpretation of Islamic tenets reflect the core values of religion which can be applied in the current social context? Which will win … the 21st century or the 7th century?

Recently, the Barisan Nasional proposed to take over Hadi’s Islamic bill RUU355 for tabling in Parliament. The other BN component parties then overwhelmingly out-voted the Umno leaders.

Does this message need to become any clearer?

Is there any more hope for reconciliation?

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