There are increasing rape cases under our “civil code” governing the statutory rape of minors.

Our country (and many countries in the world) have enacted this “civil law” to protect our under-aged and naive children.


Stop child rape



In the eyes of the law, our children before the consenting age of 16 years old (age may vary) – are incapable of consenting to have “sex”.

They are deemed to be lacking in maturity and understanding of “sex” and “copulation” which is part of the institution of marriage.

There are responsibilities to be learnt – of being a father or a mother; of being a husband or a wife. These are obligations of a lifetime.

If older men ignore this “civil law” and violate our precious children – our “civilized society” wants the full weight of the “civil law” to fall heavy on the the vile violators.

As prescribed, there is a mandatory jail term and monetary fine. No exceptions or waivers will be made under the “civil law”.

Child rape



If older men are attracted to our children to satisfy their lust and sexual cravings, we call them pedophiles with a perverted fetish.

By the way, no one is not targetting the local communities in Malaysia. The truth just needs to be told.

Pedophilia is also rampant (but secretive) in advanced societies like the US. Check out #pizzagate.

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