I Specially Welcome You

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I Specially Welcome You

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation to you for visiting my blog.

Since this is my first post on WordPress, I will give you a definition of “Awakening”.

  1. To wake up someone from sleeping or slumber.
  2. To stir up someone from an unconscious state.
  3. To give warning of an impending danger.
  4. To become conscious at the alarms’ sounding.
  5. To come to a realization of the facts.

“AWAKENING” can also apply to one self or a community.

*  Our country experienced an “AWAKENING” to the economic crisis when oil revenues plunged drastically. (noun)

*  Our people were “awakened ” to the brutality of the sea pirates who plundered and murdered their victims. (adjective)

Enjoy your surfing. Feel free to ask me any questions. 


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