Life is a journey of many experiences

Entrepreneurs often start a new business with enthusiasm and zest. Soon enough, boredom sets in. The passion dims and eventually dies out. What happened? Why did it happen that way?


Life is a journey of many experiences


You started with a grand vision.

* You wanted to prove your worth. To your friends, to your loved ones.

* You could have a set of skills. Putting them to work was easy.

* You had some seed money. Maybe a million dollars or much less.

* You had a noble desire to contribute to society or simply to make money.

So you embarked on your venture with hard determination. You intended to show the world you could succeed.

You started to wear many hats because you had to preserve your seed money. Overwhelmed. Overworked.

Finally when the results were poor, your passion burnt-out faster than your capital. Was that you?

This message is for you, the risk-takers in life.

Life is a journey of many experiences. Some of the greatest events cannot happen if the earlier ones didn’t occur.

~ Awakening Moses Wong

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