Malaysia is not alone in facing the affliction of pedophilia and child rape. It is a scourge to our civilized society.

In the backdrop of increasing statutory rape of minors, this is what PAS’ Ulama Council Information Chief has to say.

Dr. Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali preposterously proposed that the under-aged Muslim victim should be married off to her Muslim rapist.


Stop child marriage



Just imagine – this is the best solution that the PAS’ council of religious scholars can come up with.

What about protecting our children? What about their primary, secondary and tertiary education?

What about a custodial sentence as to warn off other potential pedophiles?

To send a clear message to the child rapists to stop screwing our children.

Europe child marriage
* This is happening in Europe where immigrants insist on marrying child brides.


PAS is also tabling a private member bill (RUU-355) in the Malaysian Parliament to increase Hudud punishments.

Like 100 lashes of cane for offenders of premarital sex. Gay sex, incest and adultery will also see increased punishments. Ingenious, right?

Stop! Let us all be sensible for two moments.

Moral misbehavior is the failure of religious education or family upbringing.

If the PAS-controlled Kelantan with religious education – had a higher rate of illicit sex offences – compared to the Kafir or non-believers in Malaysia – what does that tell you?

PAS had failed miserably!!!

PAS had been too busy playing politics!!!

Some speculate that PAS is tabling Act 355 with the motive to divert attention from its dismal failure in managing its home state Kelantan.

Yes, Kelantan carries the dubious honour of sky-high rate of drug abuse, illicit sex and AIDS infection among the Malay states. Sad indeed.

GE14 is due in the next 12 months. It’s time to change the balance of power in Kelantan.

Hopefully, new leadership will rejuvenate the people and resolve its social ills.

To the people of Kelantan – how about dumping PAS and giving UMNO a try? Seriously.

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There are increasing rape cases under our “civil code” governing the statutory rape of minors.

Our country (and many countries in the world) have enacted this “civil law” to protect our under-aged and naive children.


Stop child rape



In the eyes of the law, our children before the consenting age of 16 years old (age may vary) – are incapable of consenting to have “sex”.

They are deemed to be lacking in maturity and understanding of “sex” and “copulation” which is part of the institution of marriage.

There are responsibilities to be learnt – of being a father or a mother; of being a husband or a wife. These are obligations of a lifetime.

If older men ignore this “civil law” and violate our precious children – our “civilized society” wants the full weight of the “civil law” to fall heavy on the the vile violators.

As prescribed, there is a mandatory jail term and monetary fine. No exceptions or waivers will be made under the “civil law”.

Child rape



If older men are attracted to our children to satisfy their lust and sexual cravings, we call them pedophiles with a perverted fetish.

By the way, no one is not targetting the local communities in Malaysia. The truth just needs to be told.

Pedophilia is also rampant (but secretive) in advanced societies like the US. Check out #pizzagate.

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The Status Of Muslim Women Under PAS

PAS’ Ulama Council have suggested that a Muslim women’s place is preferably at home.

This infers that their priority is in making babies and functioning as mothers and wives.

The Ulama Council refers to the council of religious scholars who makes guiding decisions in the political Islamic party.

The view was expressed by PAS’ Ulama Council Information Chief Dr. Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali.


PAS Ulama Council information chief, Dr Mohd Khairuddin

* Dr. Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali who is also the Member of Parliament for Kuala Nerus.


But is PAS aware that women make up half of the Malaysian workforce?

Even 70% of Malay undergraduates are females. Incidentally, where are the Malay males?

How could a Malay family survive on a single paycheck?

Who is suffering most from the sky-rocketing cost of living and corruption-rife economy?

Many are struggling to put food on the table and saving for their children’s education.

PAS’ leaders are unable to understand the feelings of the urban Malays.

They have lost touch with the ordinary Malays who are living in the modern world.


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First Ever Female Syariah High Court Judges In Malaysia

Selangor created history when two Muslim women were appointed Syariah High Court judges last year in June.

This appointment was warmly welcomed and which represents an unprecedented move by the Sultan of Selangor.

His Royal Majesty loves and deeply cares for Selangorians his subjects. Selangor is the most progressive and prosperous state in federation of Malaysia.


Syariah Women Judges



The appointment of the two women judges provided a perception of empathy and understanding especially in cases involving women.

Some cases involve polygamy, divorce, child marriage, incest and domestic violence which also happens in the rest of the world.


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What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Stoney Pass Wildflowers 1


How precious are the flowers that colour our sights.

As the winds blows, the petals dance with delight.

What is the meaning of life the flowers would ask?

Bud, bloom and blossom and afterwards we will die.


What is the meaning of life, you and I would ask?

A journey of life, we were born to shine then to die.

Through the tunnel of time we were so deep in thought.

Leaving some seeds to unravel the questions we thought.


~ Awakening Moses Wong

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Life is a journey of many experiences

Entrepreneurs often start a new business with enthusiasm and zest. Soon enough, boredom sets in. The passion dims and eventually dies out. What happened? Why did it happen that way?


Life is a journey of many experiences


You started with a grand vision.

* You wanted to prove your worth. To your friends, to your loved ones.

* You could have a set of skills. Putting them to work was easy.

* You had some seed money. Maybe a million dollars or much less.

* You had a noble desire to contribute to society or simply to make money.

So you embarked on your venture with hard determination. You intended to show the world you could succeed.

You started to wear many hats because you had to preserve your seed money. Overwhelmed. Overworked.

Finally when the results were poor, your passion burnt-out faster than your capital. Was that you?

This message is for you, the risk-takers in life.

Life is a journey of many experiences. Some of the greatest events cannot happen if the earlier ones didn’t occur.

~ Awakening Moses Wong

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I Specially Welcome You

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I Specially Welcome You

Firstly, I want to express my appreciation to you for visiting my blog.

Since this is my first post on WordPress, I will give you a definition of “Awakening”.

  1. To wake up someone from sleeping or slumber.
  2. To stir up someone from an unconscious state.
  3. To give warning of an impending danger.
  4. To become conscious at the alarms’ sounding.
  5. To come to a realization of the facts.

“AWAKENING” can also apply to one self or a community.

*  Our country experienced an “AWAKENING” to the economic crisis when oil revenues plunged drastically. (noun)

*  Our people were “awakened ” to the brutality of the sea pirates who plundered and murdered their victims. (adjective)

Enjoy your surfing. Feel free to ask me any questions.